The Daily Press The Evening Leader | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-01-30T17:34:35-05:00 Storm Watch Issued2015-01-30T17:34:35-05:002015-01-30T17:34:35-05:00Copyright 2011 The Evening Leader ST. MARYS — The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for the region effective from 1 a.m. Sunday to 7 a.m. Monday. Actual snowfall amounts will depend on the path of the storm. Up to 10 inches of snow may be possible in some regions. Locally, Auglaize County EMA Director Troy Anderson said he expects 3 to 5 inches Sunday and another 1 to 2 inches into Monday morning for a total of 4 to 7 inches.</p>St. Marys, OHNo author availableWinter Storm Watch IssuedThe Evening Super Bowl Viewing2015-01-30T15:34:26-05:002015-01-30T15:34:26-05:00Copyright 2011 The Evening Leader <script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script><div class="ndn_embed" data-config-widget-id="2" style="width:390px;height:219px" data-config-type="VideoPlayer/Single" data-config-tracking-group="90711" data-config-playlist-id="13434" data-config-video-id="28454331" data-config-site-section="horizon"></div>St. Marys, OHNo author availableVideo: Super Bowl ViewingThe Evening Bowl Prop Bets2015-01-30T15:11:17-05:002015-01-30T15:11:17-05:00Copyright 2011 The Evening Leader Prop Bets Guide To the Big Game</p><p> SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - How long will it take Idina Menzel to sign the US National Anthem?</p><p> Over/Under                     2 minutes 1 second             </p><p> SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - How many times will "Deflated Balls" be referred to during the game?         </p><p> Over/Under                     2½</p><p> SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - Will Bill Belichick smile during the game on camera?        </p><p> Yes                              +150     (3/2)   </p><p> No                                 -200     (1/2)            </p><p> SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - How many times will Katy Perry be mentioned in the 1st Half?          </p><p> Over/Under                     1½</p><p> SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - Which song will Katy Perry perform first at Halftime?       </p><p> Firework                       3/2        </p><p> Roar                                         3/2        </p><p> This Is How We Do                    5/1        </p><p> Dark Horse                               12/1      </p><p> E.T.                                         12/1      </p><p> Wide Awake                              12/1      </p><p> Waking Up In Vegas                  20/1      </p><p> SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - What color will Katy Perry's hair be when she begins the Halftime show?      </p><p> Black/Brown                    2/1       </p><p> Pink/Red                       3/1       </p><p> Blue/Green                     3/1       </p><p> Blonde                         4/1       </p><p> Purple                         5/1</p><p> SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - How many times will Gisele Bundchen be show on TV?   </p><p> Over/Under                     1½</p><p> SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - Who will be shown more on TV during the game?              </p><p> Robert Kraft                  -200     (1/2)</p><p> Paul Allen                     +150     (3/2)</p><p> SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - Will it be mentioned that Pete Carroll was the last head coach of the Patriots?    </p><p> Yes                              +110     (11/10)      </p><p> No                                 -150     (2/3)   </p><p> SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - What Color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team?      </p><p> Orange                         3/2        </p><p> Yellow                                      5/2        </p><p> Clear/Water                               3/1        </p><p> Red                                          15/2      </p><p> Blue                                          15/2      </p><p> Green                                       10/1      </p><p> (NE vs SEA) - The first score of the game will be?       </p><p> New England Patriots Rushing TD                          </p><p> (NE vs SEA) - Player to score the first TD in the game?           </p><p> LeGarrette Blount (NE) RB                     9/1       </p><p> PLAYER PROPS</p><p> (NE vs SEA) - Total Passing Yards - Tom Brady (NE)   </p><p> Over/Under                     260½</p><p> (NE vs SEA) - Total Rushing Yards - LeGarrette Blount (NE)    </p><p> Over/Under                     62½</p><p> (NE vs SEA) - Total Rushing Yards - Russell Wilson (SEA)      </p><p> Over/Under                     40½</p><p> (NE vs SEA) - Total Rushing Yards - Marshawn Lynch (SEA)   </p><p> Over/Under                     92½</p>St. Marys, OHNo author availableSuper Bowl Prop BetsThe Evening Honored2015-01-30T14:41:12-05:002015-01-30T14:41:12-05:00Copyright 2011 The Evening Leader Wally Wagner received the Ohio Grocers Association's  Pinnacle Award on Friday. For a complete recap, pick up Saturday's edition of The Evening Leader.</p>St. Marys, OHNo author availableWagner HonoredThe Evening Respond To Crash2015-01-29T14:57:08-05:002015-01-29T10:11:19-05:00Copyright 2011 The Evening Leader ST. MARYS — Troopers from the Wapakoneta Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol arrived on the scene of a one-vehicle crash Thursday morning on Ohio 66, just north of St. Marys. The crash is still under investigation.</p>St. Marys, OHNo author availableTroopers Respond To CrashThe Evening Discusses Projects2015-01-29T09:25:31-05:002015-01-29T09:25:31-05:00Copyright 2011 The Evening Leader NEW KNOXVILLE — New Bremen Mayor Jeff Pape talks about the search for water and the several grants the village received in 2014 during the State of the Village Breakfast this morning. For a complete recap, pick up Friday's edition of the Leader.</p>St. Marys, OHNo author availablePape Discusses ProjectsThe Evening Rundown2015-01-29T08:23:19-05:002015-01-29T08:23:19-05:00Copyright 2011 The Evening Leader <strong>Jan. 29:</strong> Books, Babies & More at the St. Marys Community Public Library will take place at 10:30 a.m. today for babies (newborn-36 months) and their caregivers.</p>St. Marys, OHNo author availableDaily RundownThe Evening Rundown2015-01-28T10:11:22-05:002015-01-28T10:11:22-05:00Copyright 2011 The Evening Leader <strong>Jan. 28:</strong> Preschool Story Time at the St. Marys Community Public Library will be held at 11 a.m. today for children 3 to 5 years old.</p>St. Marys, OHNo author availableDaily RundownThe Evening Spellers2015-01-27T14:00:22-05:002015-01-27T14:00:22-05:00Copyright 2011 The Evening Leader ST. MARYS — The top spellers at St. Marys Middle School participated in the annual spelling bee on Tuesday. In the end, Xaine LaPoint took home the top prize and Ashley Roth finished second.</p>St. Marys, OHNo author availableTop SpellersThe Evening Day Fun 2015-01-27T08:40:09-05:002015-01-27T08:40:09-05:00Copyright 2011 The Evening Leader ST. MARYS — The sledding hill at K.C. Geiger Park saw a lot of action on Monday. A snow day provided the opportunity for dozens of local residents to hit the hill.</p>St. Marys, OHNo author availableSnow Day Fun The Evening