Author Shares Odyssey to Publishing Personal Journal

Staff Writer

A journal is a personal object where individuals write down their inner thoughts and ideas. While a journal can take many forms, the sole intent and purpose is that it is meant to be kept private from the outside world. 
For a Botkins woman, after a lot of prayer, advice and reflection, she published her personal journal in hopes that others can use her experiences as a guide to a relationship with God in their own lives. 

“The World is Noisy: God Whispers” is a collection of journal entries from 2013 to 2015 from Julia Monnin. In her book she shares not only her personal thoughts but also relatable scripture passages and prayers that people can sit with and slowly digest in their own lives. 

Getting to the point of publishing the book took time as Monnin wasn’t certain this was the sort of book she was meant to write. Monnin spoke at the St. Marys Community Public Library about coming to terms with the publication, adding that she only shared her journal with close friends and family to see if they could spot the topic within her writings that she could focus on for a book. 

Each time they told her that the book was her journal. 

“I gave a copy to my dad and he came over for dinner one night and … I remember going, ‘but Dad, I can’t publish this as a book because it’s my journal, how will I even know when it ended?’” she shared. “‘I mean I am still journaling to this day, how will I know where to end it? There’s no end to it.’ And he just said, ‘well you can have volumes.’”

That suggestion destroyed one of the major excuses Monnin was telling herself in her hesitation to publish. Working in volumes made logical sense to the writer but still she was nervous to go ahead and publish her thoughts. 

Finally, she decided to send her book to a priest she didn’t know but knew was accepting of individuals sending thoughts on marriage and writing his way. Before she pressed send on her email, she quickly prayed, asking God to put something in his response that would solidify that she should publish her work. 

After a few days she received an email back and at the bottom it said, “you should think about publishing your work.”

Although she was still hesitant, Monnin finally put her writings online. While she was still trying to determine what to publish, one thing she struggled to understand was why her? She said that God had put it in her heart to write a book but she couldn’t figure out why He had chosen her. 

Once she had determined it was her journal that she was going to publish and after it was out there, she realized exactly why she was meant to do it. The book is not a “how to” but more of a, “this is what it looks like in my life.”

“If I can show you how He is speaking to me in ordinary ways in the ordinary days and ordinary events in my life, then maybe His voice will become more clear to you in your own life,” Monnin said.

She knows she doesn’t have the answers but what she can do is help others look to God who does have the answers. 

“Remember the mission is not that I have the answers but to turn you in prayer to God because God has the answers,” she said.