Barber Shop Opens Doors

NEW KNOXVILLE — New Knoxville’s new barber, Scott Limbert, set up his shop after moving to the area from North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t local.

The Botkins native said he and his wife, who is from Maria Stein, moved back to the area after their daughter Makaylee was born to be near family, and now live in rural Minster.

“It’s nice moving back and being closer,” he said. “Distance plays a factor when you have a family.”

Limbert and his wife also have history around Minster because they met at the Oktoberfest in Minster and return to it almost every year.

He chose the town to open shop, he said, because looking at the area it was one place that had a real need for a barber.

“I wanted to fill a void,” Limbert said. “It seemed like the area needed someone.”

Men tell him it’s nice have a local place to get a trim. It’s a good business to go into right now, he said, because many barbers are 65 or older, and plan to retire soon.

Limbert, who attended barber school in Dayton, has seven years of experience.

He said that he’s picked up more and more business, and wants to create the kind of shop where men will come in and say, “give me the usual,” and he’ll know what they want. He also hopes eventually it will be a place where men will come in to talk.

It’s the third shop to open right off of Ohio 29, on West Spring Street, and some of his customers can remember back to the barbers before him, the men who cut hair in the 1950s through 1970s, then again in the 1990s.

He said he likes to hear the stories people tell, and give them a nice cut.

“Every guy feels good about himself when he gets a haircut,” Limbert said.