BOE Picks Interim Super

ST. MARYS — A local board of education approved a new face of its district during its meeting Wednesday evening.

Members of the St. Marys Board of Education approved Jerry Skiver as the interim superintendent. The motion came after board members entered into executive session to discuss compensation of a public employee or official early on in the meeting and then reconvened.

Skiver, who will be in the position for the 2011-12 school year, will officially begin his contract Monday.

“I have 30 years in education,” Skiver said, noting he began his time in the education field with Portsmouth City Schools.

“I taught in a classroom, I was an activities coordinator, I was a principal at the elementary — Roosevelt Elementary, the home of the Roughriders — and Lincoln Elementary, Grant Middle School, I also worked in the central office at Portsmouth City Schools.”

After his work in Portsmouth, Skiver accepted the superintendent position at Kenton City Schools.

“Two years into that position, the opportunity arose where I could serve my alma mater,” he said.

“I moved back down south to New Boston Local, and I was there for four years.”

At New Boston Local, Skiver noted it was different than when he left, going from one of the most affluent school districts to the poorest after the steel industry collapsed.

“We had some real challenges fiscally, and we overcame those,” Skiver said.

He retired from the field four years ago, but Skiver said he continued to stay in touch with his colleagues, as well as keeping up with the field, noting he attended the Ohio School Boards Association conference last year.

“In my whole career, I don’t feel like I worked a day in my life,” Skiver said.

“I’ve loved what I’ve done. I think the real key  is the people — being able to see the kids be successful.”

Coming to St. Marys, he added, will not keep him too far from his family — Skiver is married and he also has four grown children and two grandchildren, who live in Cincinnati.

“St. Marys has a history of success, and there’s a great tradition there,” he said.

Mary Riepenhoff, the current superintendent, will be leaving the position at the end of this month, and she thanked the board for her time with the district, as it was her final board meeting. Board President Craig Gottschalk, as the board, also thanked Riepenhoff for her service to the district.

In other business, board members:

• Approved the amended high school handbook.

• Approved the amended grade numerical scale and revised and new policy from NEOLA.

• Set the date to receive bids for districtwide mowing and trimming for the 2012 and 2013 mowing seasons, which would be at 3 p.m. Aug. 29 at the District Service Center.

• Approved the Parent Involvement Policy.

• Approved the Relocation Agreements with the various organizations/businesses if it is necessary to evacuate any of the schools.

• Accepted a donation and appreciation to Joint Township District Memorial Hospital for supplying water for the Go-Kits.

• Approved Gottschalk as a delegate to attend the 2011 OSBA Annual Business Meeting as a representative of the district.

• Amended the reduction plan.

• Approved a change to the middle school handbook.

• Authorized the business manager to enter into an agreement with the Council on Rural Services.

• Approved the 2011-12 bus routes.