Bomb Threat At Intermediate School

Mike Burkholder
Managing Editor

A bomb threat left on the wall of a bathroom at St. Marys Intermediate School turned out to be a false alarm.
At approximately 12:23 p.m. Tuesday, the St. Marys Police Department received a phone call indicated the word "bomb" was found scratched onto the wall of a bathroom at the school. Officers responded and worked with school personnel to clear the building while the students were given an extended recess period.
"Since the last bomb threat at the high school, the school and our officers went to a training together and we used that training to help refine our response," St. Marys Police Chief Mark Ernst told The Evening Leader. "With this one, the children were evacuated and the school officials and police searched the building and found nothing. Once it was determined it was clear, we brought everyone back in. The school resumed its normal day."
— Make sure to pick up a copy of Wednesday's edition of The Evening Leader to read more from Police Chief Mark Ernst and the recent training school and police officials attended regarding bomb threats at schools.