Book Re-Examines Doug Wine Case

Managing Editor

A book involving a prominent St. Marys man who was charged with rape and alleges he was wrongfully convicted of a sexual charge is available around town and online. Authored by St. Marys native and former Memorial High School teacher Brice Brenneman is "The Strange Case of Dr. Wine, A Miscarriage of Justice in Auglaize County, Ohio."

"After the trial, Doug was in a sort of limbo," Brenneman wrote in his book. "… In the meantime, he could continue to practice optometry. Patients who did come in to see him hear a lot of Doug declaring his innocence while he conducted eye exams. Doug's new attorney, Lorin Zaner … told him to stop talking to patients about his case and to pick one trusted person.

"I was his choice. I wasn't his best friend, I didn't attend his church and we weren't related. But Doug could not have picked anyone who had thought more about the case than I had. His trial had become an obsession for me."

The book revisits the incident that allegedly took place on the night of Oct. 12 or early morning hours on Oct. 13 in 2009. Dr. Doug Wine, a local optometrist, was charged with rape of his mother-in-law Sandra Davis and was eventually sentenced to 15 months in prison on one count of gross sexual imposition — which was later appealed to the Third District Court of Appeals and lowered to a third-degree misdemeanor of sexual imposition.

Wine would spend 77 days in prison as the case costs Wine half a million dollars and went as far as the Ohio Supreme Court.

The book can be purchased at Pantry Pride, Vogel's Bake Shop and online at for $10.

Brenneman chronicles Wine's life from the time he and his wife returned from a 10-day honeymoon to the accusation Wine's mother-in-law made a year and three trips back to the scene after the alleged incident happened. 

"The time, I estimated 150 hours, I spent with Doug over the next couple of months and through a series of eight-hour prison visits confirmed my belief that Doug was 100% innocent," Brenneman wrote.

The book layouts out the scene that was alleged to have happened on Oct. 12 or 13 of 2009 and how that scene — which took place in Wine's son, Jordan's, bedroom  — contradicts Davis' accusations. Some facts included a snake take in the room which allowed only 15 inches for Wine to perform a sexual assault on his mother-in-law and the fact that Davis stated that she screamed during the incident although Jordan did not hear Davis despite the two laying next to each other after Davis fell asleep on Jordan's bed after reading a bedtime story.

Brenneman also revisits the courtroom, pointing out the contradiction to a pair of investigator's testimony, introducing what Brenneman called "the bombshell," which indicated that Wine's previously-taken polygraph test was inaccurate and malfunctioned. The book also indicated that there was a separate incident that occurred between Wine and Davis years prior, which Brenneman believes confused jurors and was mishandled by Wine's defense. That incident included Wine accidentally getting into the wrong bed with Davis before realizing the mistake and leaving the room.

The book is divided into three parts, which also includes Brenneman's "12 Reason's Why Doug Wine is Innocent," a piece he published online in November 2014, and other pieces of evidence about the case that was either left out of the Wine trial or not clarified during the trial.

"I am presenting it as [the information on the case] as objectively as possible in the hopes that the evidence will speak for itself," Brenneman wrote. "I encourage the reader to process the information independent of my connection with Doug. Draw your own conclusions based on the facts of the case. 

"If you think justice has been served, then thank you for reading. If you think justice has not been served, maybe you will join me in the belief that there is still work to be done for Doug Wine."