Cards Welcome Grandparents

NEW BREMEN — Grandparents learned about respect, monkeys and Tony Chestnut from their grandchildren, who put on a show Tuesday afternoon for the annual Grandparents Day celebration at New Bremen Elementary.

Kindergarten students showed off their singing and dancing skills while telling their grandparents about what they have learned in school this year with a lineup of choreographed songs. Kindergarten Teacher Debbie Miller thanked the grandparents in attendance for all the work they do with their grandchildren to help them advance in school.

“The New Bremen kindergartners come to school ready and eager to learn every year, and we would like to thank you,” she said, noting working with the students at home helps them perform better in school. “All the things you do with them contributes to their learning.”

Kindergarten Teacher Donna Schmitmeyer said the students have been working on learning respect.

“We have been spending a lot of time learning how to show respect,” she said, noting the students have learned to show respect for their country by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, which the students led the crowd in to start Grandparents Day.

The first song of the Grandparents Day lineup also deals with respect, Kindergarten Teacher Kelli Tebbe said.

“The most important thing they’ve learned this year is to talk things over,” she said.

The kindergarten students broke into song and dance, performing “Peacemakers.”

“Peacemakers talk about it, they don’t fight about it, they want to make up and be friends,” the students sang.

Following “Peacemakers,” the students also performed “ABC Blues” and “This Old Man” to show their grandparents what they have learned about reading and counting.

The students also sang “Five Little Monkeys” to show their subtraction skills.

The three kindergarten teachers noted some of the students’ favorite things to do with their grandparents, including going on trips, baking, going to the pool, playing games and mulching, among others.

“One of the things that continuously comes up is they like to go out to eat with you,” Schmitmeyer said. “Our next song has to do with all the restaurants we have in our area.”

The students performed “Pizza Hut,” a song that names many area restaurants, before Miller introduced a “silly” song.

“The children want to sing this song to you because they love you and that part of the song makes sense,” she said. “The name of this song is ‘Tony Chestnut.’”

Reaching down to their toes and up to their noses, the children sang “Tony Chestnut” with enthusiasm.

“Tony Chestnut knows I love you, Tony knows, Tony knows,” the students sang. “Tony Chestnut knows I love you, that’s what Tony knows.”

Schmitmeyer introduced the students’ final number of the afternoon.

“We’d like to close with a special song that shows how your grandchildren feel about you,” she said.

The students sang “May There Always Be Sunshine” to their grandparents to end their performance.

“May there always be grandmas, may there always be grandpas,” the students sang. “May there always be family as special as you.”

Following the Grandparents Day performance, the kindergarten students presented their grandparents with a special badge they made and served them punch and popcorn.

The students were also able to show their grandparents around their classroom.