Carpenter Ready To Run Again

Staff Writer

His race on June 20 in Duluth, Minnesota was canceled a month ago, but Rod Carpenter decided the show must go on.

Carpenter, 66, will be running his own marathon on the Grand Lake course on the 20th as part of a fundraiser that’s called Marathon VI: Lots for Soldiers. 

Lots for Soldiers is a nonprofit organization based in Celina comprised of volunteers whose sole mission is to provide veterans with support through the virtue of building homes or helping them lower their mortgage payments. 

Carpenter said the goal for he and his wife, Barbara, who he said has been instrumental in everything that goes into this, was to raise $40,000. The money will go to St. Marys’ veteran Corey Stoker and his wife Tasha for a new house.

The total right now is short of the goal at $27,000. Carpenter said when the coronavirus pandemic hit, he couldn’t get out anymore to talk to area people and businesses.

With the decision to race locally after the cancellation of Grandma’s Marathon, the race he was originally supposed to run in Minnesota, Carpenter wanted to honor someone as he crossed the finish line.

“I looked around here trying to find someone and I finally found Sgt. Douglas Dwayne Springer, who was a 20-year veteran with the Coldwater PD who died in 1996,” said Carpenter.

He said he was able to find Springer’s children and that they were excited about the idea.

To honor Springer’s memory, Carpenter said he will run with a folded up American flag in his backpack. His running partner, Kevin Olding, who will be joining Caprenter for the last 10 miles will also have a flag.

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