Celina Schools, PD Respond to Threat

Staff Writer

A Celina student was disciplined after making a threat on social media.
According to a news release from Celina Police Chief Tom Wale and Celina Superintendent Dr. Kenneth J. Schmiesing, it was noted Celina Middle School Principal Ann Esselstein became aware first thing Tuesday morning that a Celina Middle School student had posted a threatening video on Snapchat on Monday. After an investigation aided by the Celina Police Department, Celina City Schools acted to discpline the student who made the threatening remarks.
"Given the times in which we live, we've grown accustomed to the phrase, 'If you see something, say something,'" according to the release. "Celina City Schools take any threat seriously. Students and parents are asked to communicate with school officials if you see or hear of any threat. Our students' safety is our top priority."
They encouraged parents to still send their children to school because they are safe and "there are no current situations which should cause you to feel that it would be unsafe to send your children to school."
"The Celina Police Department takes this and all threats to our schools seriously regardless of the intent of the person making the threat or comments," according to the release. "We will be referring this and any similar such reports to the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office to review and prosecute to the fullest extent possible."

Snapchat is a mobile messaging app with which users can capture photos or brief video clips and gives users the option of making their content viewable for 24 hours or for a brief period of time.