Child Care Facilities Adapt to Virus

Assistant Editor

With schools closing their doors, more and more families are turning to daycare or babysitting facilities to help keep kids active and learning. Since these facilities are remaining open, questions have been raised by community members about the safety measures taken to protect children and families from potential spread of COVID-19, novel coronavirus.

Although the concern is there, child care providers thankfully have few changes to make.

“Our routine sterilization and cleaning standards assume that every room has a communicable condition so in essence we have always been on an alert status at TLC,” TLC Learning Center wrote in a letter to parents. “That being said, we have taken steps to further increase our already high level of infection control, including additional room disinfection procedures.”

In addition to the regular hand washing and sanitizer stations at the front desk, hand sanitizer has been placed at the entrance to each room within the building. Co-owner Traci Lauth said the center is typically not allowed to have that much sanitizer out for safety reasons but added a state inspector recently visited and advised the current health emergency will allow for extra stations. 

She also noted the learning center is offering a classroom setting for older students who are no longer able to attend school because of the shutdown ordered by Gov. Mike DeWine. Kids are welcome to come in, work on their assignments and have the structure of a classroom.

Lunches are provided by St. Marys City Schools.

Babysitters have also been ramping up some of their routine cleaning processes. Missy Ayers runs a babysitting business out of her home and is doing everything she can to continue helping her clients while also keeping health and safety in the forefront.

“If they have fever, vomiting, or any other symptoms they are not to be in my care,” she said. 

Ayers has asked that her clients who are home from work keep their kids home to reduce traffic into her home as much as possible.

“So far I've not been impacted,” she said of her business. “A couple of my clients are nurses so they will continue working but I won't be impacted unless other local businesses have to shut down.”