Continuing To Serve: Fischbach To Leave SMFD For Medical Field

St. Marys Firefighter-Paramedic Andy Fischbach stands with one of the city's ambulances. His last day with St. Marys Fire Department is July 30.
Staff Writer

Instilled with a passion to help those in need, St. Marys Firefighter-Paramedic Andy Fischbach will soon trade in his bunker gear for scrubs. With just more than a month left to go in his 10-year firefighting career, Fischbach will be headed to the University of Dayton to begin training for his new career as a physician’s assistant. 

Getting his first experience in the medical field serving overseas as a member of the United States Marine Corps., he said that is where his inspiration and passion for medicine began.

“I worked around a lot of Navy corpsmen and watching what they did with patching guys up and working to keep them alive really made an impact on me,” Fischbach said. “When I got out, I wanted to do something different; I was done waving guns around."

Getting more medical training through the fire service has only affirmed that this is where he belongs. Wanting to continue his life of service, Fischbach is hoping he can use his future as a physician’s assistant as a way to bring his service career full circle by working with veterans. He added that his ideal job after school would be to work at a Veteran’s Affairs hospital.

Choosing to continue in medicine also created another decision for Fischbach to make — go into nursing or pick something else. He said he selected physician’s assistant because of the flexibility and variety in jobs and added, “why not go up to the top?”

Leaving the fire department, however, is something that won’t come easy. 

With his last shift scheduled for July 30, Fischbach has taken time lately to reflect on the last 10 years he spent at 222 Indiana Ave. For him, he said he will miss the camaraderie with the other firefighters the most. 

“The guys here are awesome and we’re our own little family up here,” he said.

In addition to missing the men he works with, Fischbach said he will miss the community he grew up in and has served in. As a 2001 Memorial High School graduate, he has spent his whole life calling St. Marys home and added that the connection to the area has helped him be a better firefighter. 

He said patients and victims would often times relax just because they see a familiar face arriving to help them.

“I really enjoy being able to help people in their time of need,” Fischbach said. “It makes me feel whole and I want to keep helping people like that.”