DeWine Confirms State's First COVID-19 Death

Managing Editor

The state of Ohio has suffered its first coronavirus (COVID-19) death, announced during Gov. Mike DeWine’s daily press conference on Friday.

As of 2 p.m. Friday, the state has 169 confirmed cases in 28 counties and 39 hospitalizations. The age range is from 1 year old to 91 with a median age of 49 years old.

The lone death, coming on Thursday, was in Lucas County. DeWine informed the media that 76-year-old attorney Mark Wagner Sr. was the state’s first coronavirus death, someone both he and Lt. Gov. John Husted knew well.

“When we hear about these deaths in other states as we hear about it in Ohio, many times we will not know that individual and it will be another number,” DeWine added. “But I think it is important to remember that each time we hear about a new death, it was a person who was loved, someone who lived their life, someone who wanted to live longer and someone who was cherished by their loved ones and their community.

“I know during these times, it feels as if we are living in the valley of death but we will get through this. The sun will shine again and it will be spring again.”

Health Director Amy Acton added that there have been rumors of additional coronavirus-related deaths, but have yet to be investigated.

The governor announced an order to take effect after the close of the business day on Monday that all senior citizen centers and senior citizen daycares to be closed.

“They are so often the heart of a community and so much good but it is a significant risk, especially in a group setting,” DeWine added.

DeWine said while the centers will close, he believed any congregate feeding program will still be giving food to senior citizens.”