Doug Frye: 'This is home'

ST. MARYS — Doug Frye will try to rebuild the St. Marys football program — the one he carefully tended for 11 seasons and the one he watched fall into disrepair in the five seasons since he left and coached at rival Wapakoneta.

Frye was officially named head coach of the Roughriders at a St. Marys Board of Education meeting on Wednesday night.

“From my head standpoint there were a lot of reasons to stay (at Wapakoneta), but my heart said we need to get this thing straightened out,” said Frye, who after four years of red and white wore a blue shirt and gold striped tie. “This is home. I have a grandchild who is going to go through this system and many future grandchildren I hope. Academically, we want to see this be a great place. As a community, we want to see this be a great place. Athletically, we want to win again.”

The tug of the town he calls home brought him back.

“We plan to live here the rest of our lives,” Frye said. “All of our children graduated from here. I’m just sick of what’s happened football-wise the last two to three years with the lack of success. In a way — and I know the word is overused —  I kind of felt a calling maybe at the end of my career to come back and help the situation the best we can at the end of my career.”

The board approved by a 4-1 vote the hiring of Frye as the virtual learning academy administrator. Frye received a three-year teaching contract through the 2016-2017 school year. Bob Valentine was the dissenting vote.

“I guess I just like a challenge,” said Frye, who inherits a program that went 10-40 in the five seasons since he resigned and has lost 21 straight games.