Employees Affected by Tornado can Apply for Unemployment

Staff Writer

The Disaster Recovery Branch of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency informed the city of Celina employees who became unemployed as a result of the tornados on Sunday should apply for unemployment assistance as soon as possible, the city noted in a news release.
Employees can apply online at Unemployment.Ohio.gove or by calling 1-877-644-6562. Online is the faster way to apply. State of Ohio government offices are closed on Friday to observe Veterans Day and are closed on weekends, so there will be noone available during that time to answer the phone should someone choose to call and apply.
The state is also offering to expedite valid unemployment claims as a result of the tornado, so if employees apply by midnight Saturday and are eligible for unemployment, the unemployment period would begin Nov. 5. If employees apply after Nov. 11, a waiting week for benefits would apply.