Film Crew To Visit St. Marys

ST. MARYS — A film crew for a television show airing on the Discovery Channel will be in St. Marys on Friday.

Earlier this year, the city of St. Marys entered into an agreement to appear on “Today in America” — which is hosted by Terry Bradshaw. The program features communities across the country and highlights attractions, businesses and recreational opportunities.

“There’s going to be a film crew here all day,” St. Marys Development Manager Susan Crotty told The Evening Leader. “They’ll be shooting for 10 hours, starting in the morning.”

Crews will interview a handful of local business officials, St. Marys Mayor Pat McGowan and film throughout the city’s parks. Grand Lake St. Marys also is expected to be featured on the show.

“We will be interviewing Milt Miller because we want to make sure we also are informing the public about the lake and all the recreational opportunities that are here,” Crotty said. “We also want to inform them about all the improvements that have been made at the lake.”

Residents can also help out in the production by visiting city parks, walking through downtown and visiting local businesses throughout the day. Locations include Memorial Park, areas along the canal and K.C. Geiger Park.

“We would love for people to be in our parks while they are filming,” Crotty said. “This is such a vibrant community and we want to show that. Miniature golf opens at 4 p.m. so that would be a good time to enjoy that and K.C. Geiger Park.”

The city’s participation in the video came with a price tag of close to $20,000. However, Crotty said the benefits of the video outweigh its cost.

“It’s a great value because we are also getting air time,” Crotty said, noting the program will air once on the Discovery Channel and 19 times on CNN Headline News. “We also will own it and we can use it on the website ... I think it should be a great way to give people, potential tourists and business prospects a sense of what the community is about and see our assets.”

The film crew also will be making an appearance at an event as part of Memorial High School’s homecoming game against Celina.

“I found out that there will be a pep rally and we plan to be at that rally,” Crotty said. “We’d also like for everyone to be aware that this is taking place so people don’t have any concerns with seeing people driving around with a camera.”

Crotty did not have a scheduled airtime for the program. She noted it could take several months before the show airs.

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