Fun Takes Over Festival

ST. MARYS —  St. Marys families enjoyed an afternoon filled with games and goodies at the annual PTO Funfest Saturday, sponsored by the Intermediate/Primary PTO.

Outdoor activities included pony rides and a bounce house, which saw a lot of activity despite colder temperatures and a biting wind.

Avery Hagerman, 2, came from out of town with his father to celebrate his birthday weekend. Inside the school the hallways were full of children with balloon animals and painted faces, bouncing from classroom to classroom for the countless games and activities.

In one of the classrooms, Hannah Brackman and her siblings helped their mother, Krista Brackman, officiate the pop toss.

“We helped set up,” Hannah said.

Krista Brackman volunteered her time “to help the school promote Funfest,” she said.

Other activities included bowling, a duck pond, a balloon artist, face painting, snacks of popcorn and cotton candy, and more.

Jax VanGundy, 3, waited in line for a game in the hallway with his grandfather, David VanGundy, clutching a balloon alien.

“We’re babysitting today,” VanGundy said.

His older grandchildren attend St. Marys Intermediate school.

Intermediate school student Jillian Tomberlin, 6, attended Funfest with her father, Chance Tomberlin.

“We love fun,” Tomberlin said, as Jillian showed off the glittery blue heart that had just been painted on her hand.

Money from the Funfest will go toward various expenses to benefit both the Intermediate and Primary schools.

Intermediate School Principal Sue Sherman said she was pleased with the day’s turnout.