Graduate Starts Jewelry Line

Staff Writer

Despite the name, pumpkins aren’t the only attraction to the annual festival in New Bremen. With Pumpkinfest’s partnership with the Artisan Showcase, people with a passion for art and a mind for business are able to display their work and talk to visitors about the crafts they have available. 
One of the displays set up inside the Artisan Showcase tent belonged to a 2017 graduate of New Bremen High School who found a hobby four months ago that has really taken off online. 
Logan Wells, owner of MADE., had a display filled with colorful and vibrant pieces of jewelry that she hand makes every night. 
“Everything is pretty geometric,” she said. “The colors are more feminine but bold. My audience is college kids because that’s where I’m located and so really girly, fun, going-out, the weekend earrings.”
Made from polymer clay, the handcrafted pieces featured colors representative of area. From scarlett and grey to crimson and gold to wildcat black and orange, and a few neutral tones, there was a variety of designs to choose from. 
Creating the jewelry, Wells said she listens to podcasts or music while crafting her pieces. 
“My designs are kind of just as I go,” Wells added. “I originally started because I saw a pair that I like online and they were super expensive and I was like, ‘I bet I can make these.’ I tried to make them for myself and that’s when my sister was like, ‘make me some.’”
Her sister wasn’t the only one who was interested in a pair of unique earrings and necklaces. Soon friends caught on as well as other people on her college campus. 
A student at the University of Cincinnati, the former Cardinal studies design with a minor in fine arts. Always having a crafty side to her, Wells added that her minor involves completing a lot of meticulous work which she said helps with the jewelry making process.
It’s also fun and relaxing for the young adult. 
As for her booth on Saturday, Wells said everything was going better than she expected.
“This is my second craft show ever, my first one was two days ago,” she said. “It’s just been a refreshing start and really good feedback; really good sales.”
Looking toward the future, Wells wasn’t sure if this was ever something she would do full-time but mentioned there is a desire to expand and grow a little more. 
“From here I want to get in store fronts in the Cincinnati area or back home,” she said. “Just kind of something that I could replenish and I also do custom orders and bulk orders on my Instagram page.”
For more information about MADE. or to view the designs available follow MADE. on Instagram @made_madejewelry.