Group Aims To Help With Recovery

Staff Writer

When hearing the word recovery, it is often associated with drug recovery. One local group is trying to broaden that thinking.

Every Tuesday evening for the past three years, Celebrate Recovery (CR) has given those recovering from any crisis — be it drugs, divorce, post traumatic stress disorder, depression or anything that is bothering them — a place to share their story and receive support.

CR Leader Tim Tuttle had his own experiences with recovery. Five or six years ago, Tuttle said he had to work through some personal issues and got started in a 12-step program with the final step having participants give back to their community.

Celebrate Recovery is an international program, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, that uses Christian teachings to help members work through their difficulties. While AA uses an agnostic, higher power to help its members, CR Founder John Baker wanted his group to focus on the Christian roots of the 12-step program.

"The principles of the 12-step program are Biblical — they come from the sermon on the mount and the books of Matthew and James," Tuttle explained.

Meetings — which start at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays — consist of open-share meetings where a few dozen people usually attend, have some worship, teaching and testimonials before breaking into small groups. CR also has what Tuttle called step studies which are more psycotheraputic.

Community reaction to the program has been warm but the stigma surrounding recovery still has some keeping distance from it.

Celebrate Recovery meets at 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday on the third floor of Wayne Street United Methodist Church. Celebrate Recovery can be found online at for a full list of local meetings and Tuttle can be reached at 419-733-2774 for more information.

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