Heart & Soul Fitness To Help Family of 5 Year Old

Staff Writer

Heart & Sole Fitness in St. Marys will be spreading the love on Feb. 15 with its “Hero4Harper” benefit. 

The benefit will help 5-year-old Harper Huelskamp who was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, which causes sensitivity to temperature, lights, wind and overstimulation and can trigger a prolonged seizure. To be able to help save Huelskamp’s life, her family invested in a seizure response dog, only to find out they had been scammed and the dog wasn’t trained to provide her any of the services she needs. 

“They were dealt a pretty bad hand by those people who gave them an untrained dog,” said Kathy Wallace, co-owner of Heart & Sole Fitness. 

She and daughter/co-owner Chariti Moon are looking to lessen the cost for Huelskamp’s family to receive a properly-trained seizure response dog they need. Moon also has a chronically ill child and understand Huelskamp’s story all too well. 

Heart & Sole is an aerial bungee studio and offers workouts that are great for low-impact cardio and easy on the joints, according to Wallace. She added its Barre classes are good for toning. 

Every half an hour on Saturday, Bungee, Kangoo Jump Boots and Barre sessions will be available for attendees to try. Each session is $20 with all proceeds going to Huelskamp. The event is open to the public for anyone wanting to support a good cause and have fun while doing it. 

“We just want to help out and it’s important for a community to help those in need,” said Wallace. 

If all goes well, Wallace said she’d like to host benefits for other individuals in the future. 

A 50/50 drawing will also be going on during the benefit along with a bake sale. A 30-day membership to Heart & Sole will be available to win during the raffle; other items are still being arranged. 

Wallace encourages anyone interested to message them through their Facebook page for which sessions they’d like to try. Jump Boots are an adult-only exercise and have a 250-pound weight limit. 

Bungee also has a 250-pound weight limit; children who would like to try the bungee exercise must weight at least 40 pounds. 

Hero4Harper will take place all day at Heart & Sole, located at 1533 Celina Road. 

For more information or other questions, call 419-230-0029.