Heavy Metal Fundraising

Old refrigerators, pieces of scrap metal from area farms, schools and homes along with the more large-scale donations of some local industry all added up to a big boost for football players of all ages in St. Marys.

The Roughrider Touchdown Club raised more than $7,100 during a recent scrap metal drive. That comes out to more than 50,000 pounds of scrap metal from more than 80 families and companies around St. Marys. St. Marys varsity football players helped move the heavy scrap a large metal containter that was filled once and was filled up a second time.

The funds will help the youth football league, the flag football league, football camps, and high school football programs. Flag football equipment, a watering system for the high school program, varsity equipment, varsity training equipment, youth and varsity football camps and youth football equipment were among the projects the money has helped fund.

Setex, a St. Marys company that builds seating for Honda and Acura vehicles at three plants in the city, donated $2,372.50 worth os scrap metal for the drive.

The Roughrider Touchdown Club got inspiration from a fundraiser the Fort Loramie football program used in the launch of that school’s program and decided it was a good fit for them, as well.

The club hopes to do the fundraiser again next year and expects it can do even better with more lead-up to the fundraiser.

The Touchdown Club has raised more than $19,000 so far this year for St. Marys football. The club funded a trip to Notre Dame, where they were hosted by Memorial High School grad and Irish defensive assistant coach Mike Elston.

Tom Knous is the president of the Roughrider Touchdown Club. Todd Portman is an officer. Kevin Glass helps with fundraising efforts, including the scrap metal drive.

Next up for the group is The Touchdown Club’s and Rider Rooters’ jointly-hosted Roughrider Golf Open on July 26.

Community members and businesses who donated were: Ron and Aimee Wicker, Jenny Shannon, Mike Paul, Shawn McGee, Scott Schlosser, Tom Scott, Adam Wycuff, Todd and Stephanie Fortman, Deny and Kim Morlino, John Phillipe, Shawn Dunlap, Don Raymond, Leroy and Angela Ginter, Carmen Lange, Shane and Andi Dysert, Dave Lininger, Dusty Nedderman, Sharon Day, Bill Koeper, Jim and Julie Weber, Jamie Wycuff, Beth Wilson, Ralph Angstmann, Wayne Hedrick, Ralph Wiley, Chet Knous, Shawn and Kandi Brown, Lyle and Julie Albert, Carey and Sue Simons, Mike and Julie Oakes, Jane Tallman, Scott Fannon, World Press Repair, Matt Patten, John Rable, John Schlosser, Craig Gottschalk, Mike and Crhis Enderud, Kenny Jacobs, Brad and Angie Bowman, Jamie Longsworth, Marcy Wietholder, Shawne Huston, Paul and Sue Swartz, Yahl Farms, Jack Burns, Denny Liette, Sis Krugh, Dixie Kuenning, Barb Knous, Carline Sue Garrison, Don Dietz, Denny Long, Travis and Chris Kuenning, Chad and Laura Spicer, Justin Chisholm, Doug and Kristi Frye, Scott Weber and Cheryl Lininger, Tom Knous, Kevin and Heather Glass, Rob and Kim Parent, Scott and Stacy Glass, Dan and Brenda Warniment, Perry McBride, Jeff and Sara Dieringer, Greg Adams, St. Marys City Schools, Dan Grothause, Charlie Knous, Simply Good Things, Benny Schultze, Steve Yahl, Randy Mathews, Mike and Tracy Trogdlon, Tom Knous, Jr., Bo Frye, Coach Reams, Rustic Haven Campground, Greg Gast, Mike and Kass Gilbert, Julia Kraner and Omnisource, Greg Zimmerman, Moran Refrigeration, Sidey Ramga Farms, Jim Hay and Bob and Sherry Keighley.