Heavy Rain Expected To End Week

Staff Writer

Unseasonably high temperatures and rain are on the way, and area residents are asked to prepare for the potential for flooding.

According to the Auglaize County Emergency Management Agency’s Facebook page, more than 2 inches of rain is expected in the coming days.

Thursday’s weather is expected to be in the high 40s with winds gusting up to 25 mph. There is a 100% chance of rain overnight and into early Friday morning with a half inch possible.

Friday is expected to be a high of 54, again with gusty winds, and there is 100% chance of precipitation with the probability of another half inch. Overnight showers are expected to bring a quarter inch.

The worst of the oncoming precipitation is expected Saturday, with temperatures rising to 58 degrees, which according to Weather.com would match the record high for Jan. 11. The chance of precipitation is 100% for the third day in a row, and the expectation is for 1 inch or more to fall. There is an 80% chance of rain overnight, as temperatures will fall into the high 20s and rise slightly throughout Sunday.

“Check your sump pump, prepare house areas that may flood,” the Auglaize EMA post said.

It’s been nearly eight months since the city of St. Marys experienced flooding. Strong thunderstorms dumped between 4 and 6 inches of ran over the course of a few hours in May, resulting in the closure of many city roads.

Local law enforcement had to divert traffic away from state Route 66 and Greenville Road during that time, closing the intersection for more than seven hours. The St. Marys River — reports indicated a depth of approximately 15 feet — and Miami-Erie Canal also crested their banks and many motorists were left stranded.

The May storms came just weeks after significant April rainfall led to flooding and road closures. At that time, as much as 4 inches of rain fell over the course of three days.

Drivers leaving St. Marys could only go east or west on U.S. 33 as state Route 66 was closed north of U.S. 33.

Following the May flooding, St. Marys Police Chief Jake Sutton urged residents to obey posted signs of road closures.

“If the road is closed, please don’t ignore the signs and don’t ignore the water,” he said. “Also please, please, please stay away from the water.”