Kiwanis Elects New Officers

Staff Writer

The St. Marys Kiwanis Club met Tuesday at the Eagles Lodge for for their first meeting of the month. 

Since the club hadn’t been able to meet, they weren’t able to elect new officers which was supposed to be done before a May 15 deadline. 

However, they were finally able to elect a new slate of officers on Tuesday, with Morgan Paul becoming the new club president-elect.

Angela Karen agreed to continue her secretary role and Doug Moran agreed to continue his role as treasurer. 

After some discussion, it was agreed upon that Mike Burkholder would be elected as the club vice president. 

“Mike, I prayed for two days that you would say that, thank you very much for that,” said current club president Steve Dorsten. “Just remember, there’s a lot of people you can count on here.”

He added that the new officers will be sworn in at an October meeting.

In other business, Dorsten provided updates to club members in attendance about what the club has done the past couple months.

He told club members that they had made $500 donations to the Auglaize County Council on Aging and Agape Ministries back in March. 

“We did accomplish a few things,” he said. “We wanted to know how can we help out or community.”

Patti Hamilton, the executive director of Agape Ministries, sent a thank you letter to the Kiwanis club and Dorsten read from it.

“We are so grateful your donation came in an unprecedented time of uncertainty for all of us and you have found it in your hearts to give to those suffering,” Hamilton wrote. “Your support means the world to us and to all of the families, individuals, children and seniors we serve. We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift. Together we can make a difference.”

Dorsten said members had volunteered to help Agape organize and unload cars when they opened its doors back up to the public in May following the state’s shutdown guidelines, giving thanks to those that helped. 

Dorsten also announced that the club had purchased bicycle helmets for local children as part of the Kiwanis’ First Family Project.

He remarked that Kiwanis Ohio Governor Tim Cornelius would personally deliver the helmets, the club just has to set a date and time when to hold the event. 

Finally, the club voted to hold meetings once a month for the foreseeable future, which will be on the first Tuesday of each month. 

The next meeting is scheduled for July 7.