Ladies Get Crafty at Fair

Staff Writer

The Auglaize County Fair kicked off Saturday and with that was a newer kind of entertainment for women who want to get a little crafty. Ladies Night in the Garden was hosted at the entertainment tent with crafts and creations provided by Haehn Florist and Greenhouses. 

At the event, which started last year in an attempt to attract more people to the fairgrounds, ladies were able to create their own wood slat paintings, a heart-shaped door swag and/or design their own succulent garden. 

Haehn Florist was approached by the fair board last year asking if they could come up with something new for visitors to do. Last year, they were approached last minute and weren’t able to get much advertising out about the event, but this year was different as they were approached in February and decided on three different crafts for ladies visiting the fair to try out. 

The free event was slated to last from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday with enough supplies for 45 people — 15 per station — and they were packed and sold out within the first half-hour. 
Haehn employees were the teachers at each station, with attendees able to choose which station they wanted to try out. Some were able to do more than one but most only completed one craft, employees said. 

Becky Schoffner taught the succulent garden craft where she said the ladies, for the most part, had free reign on how they chose to decorate their miniature gardens. 

From moss and rocks to seaglass and shells, and various types of succulents, the ladies were able to design any kind of garden they desired. And the best part, according to Schoffner and Lynda Schaub — another employee for Haehn — there is not a lot of upkeep required with the plants. Schaub said the best thing anyone can do is set them and forget them. 

Schoffner added that succulent gardens have been growing in popularity recently, which is one reason why they chose that as one of their crafts for the evening. She said succulent gardens can be grown in any type of pot, adding that she’s made them in broken lanterns before. 

With the success of this year, Poppe and Schoffner hope the event continues to grow, with Schoffner adding that if they are asked back again next year, they will be on board to do it again.