LIA discuss next steps

Staff Writer

During the month of November, the Lake Improvement Association (LIA) took a trip to Reynoldsburg where some members spoke in front of a panel of officials with the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) about the proposed rule changes for distressed watersheds. The proposed changes include the removal of the winter manure ban, something that was put in place, according to LIA President Nick Rentz, because it was easy to enforce.
Rentz gave everyone in attendance at Saturday’s monthly meeting an update on how the trip went, as well as discussed the next trip — scheduled for Dec. 10 — to voice opposition for the proposed rules changes in front of the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR).
“I think the day was absolutely positive in every single regard in terms of what we took out of that meeting. There was, I don’t know, lets say 15 to 20 … people that stood up and testified,” Rentz said. “Not one of them, not a single person got up there and said, ‘you know what, the proposed rules package right here, this is a great thing. This is wonderful.’
“There wasn’t a single person that wanted that rule changed as it is written in this current package.”
Rentz mentioned that while in Reynoldsburg, he was able to talk with some members of ODA as well as some of the groups outside of the LIA that attended. He said Mercer County was well represented and everyone in the meeting should be proud of that fact.
He then said the meeting with JCARR will require arguments to be more tailored as this committee isn’t one for listening to individuals say, “this sucks,” they want specifics, he said.

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