Lots For Soldiers Makes Dream Come True For Military Family

Tim Rosengarten, President and CEO of Armcorp Construction, hands the house keys to Paul Slone, a former U.S. soldier, who along, with his fiancee and son, received a new home from Lots for Soldiers.

In a matter of minutes, several years worth of dreams came true on Saturday.

Two veterans who served America had their dream come true as did the organization that they joined who has helped other veterans.

On Saturday at the Armcorp Construction Inc. building on Celina Road, St. Marys native Paul Slone and his fiancée Jennifer Barciz, along with their son, Parker, received the keys to their new home thanks to the hard work spearheaded by Lots for Soldiers at an open house ceremony.

“I spent a lot of time trying to straighten things out after Iraq,” Slone said. “I moved around a lot and I ended up meeting Jennifer, had a son and decided to move back to St. Marys because this is where I grew up.

“This is a good community to raise a kid.”

The St. Marys native, served in the U.S. Army for a little more than four years and served in the Iraq War in 2005-06. Barciz was in the U.S. Navy, where she was stationed in Norfolk, Va. 

Slone and Barciz — who both deal with post-traumatic stress disorder — have also set up a suicide prevention group, Silent 22, for military veterans that meets on the 22nd of each month. They became a big part of Lots for Soldiers as they volunteered regularly, attending board meetings and helping other veterans such as themselves.

In 2015, a lot on 220 Lynn St. in St. Marys was acquired by the city of St. Marys via donation and was unanimously approved by members of the St. Marys Community Improvement Corporation at a price of $6,000. 

Slone said the home is 1,800 square feet with one and a half garage and three bedrooms.

“This is all amazing,” Slone said. “Not only do we have all these contractors who are building the house be local and be the best of the best, but I was able to show my son how to build a house and let him help.

“He is three years old, how many people get to have that opportunity? I could not have given him this opportunity without some kind of help. I don’t know how to build a home, but they made me comfortable with the whole process and they didn’t have to do that.”

Saturday at Armcorp, friends, family and community members gathered to celebrate the completed home on Lynn Street.

The home was constructed by Armcorp.

“I am really glad that lots for Soldiers is around here because it means a lot,” Armcorp President and CEO Tim Rosengarten said. “Being in the military, there are all kinds of personalities, but most of all, we are all united as brothers and sisters, and just like the red, white and blue from the flag, we all connect.

“That is what we want America to do and that is why we want to help out as many people as we can.”

Rosengarten told the crowd in attendance that there were people from Tennessee, South Carolina, Minnesota, Kansas and southern Ohio who all had a helping hand in giving Slone and Barciz a new home for them.

“They helped make it come true,” he said. “So remember that you always need friends, you always need people to make those dreams come true and any dream you have in life, don’t let anyone behind.

“And my dream came true, I am handing you the key to the home.”

After Rosengarten handed Slone the keys to their new home, Rosengarten then handed Slone an envelop, stating that what was inside the envelop was another dream come true for him — the loan amount for the home — which was just $1.

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