McDonald’s College Employees Receive Nearly $40,000 In Tuition

McDonald’s franchise owners Jason Monfort (far left) and Stacy Vorhees (far right) stand with some of their employees while McDonald’s Talent Resource Consultant Lindsey Meyer (center) holds a check for $40,000 of scholarships offered to local student employees.
Staff Writer

Between nine McDonald’s restaurants, about 30 students will be receiving a scholarship to make college more affordable. 

The Monfort and Vorhees franchises of the popular fast food restaurant have 15 students each who will be getting a piece of the $39,684 available through Archways of Opportunity, an employment perk offered by McDonald’s.

“It was really neat once we saw the total amount,” said St. Marys McDonald’s Owner Jason Monfort. “It’s really amazing to be able to give out almost $40,000 in scholarships.”

The total is the most Monfort — who also owns the Minster location and three locations in Indiana — and Stacy Vorhees — the owner of restaurants in Wapakoneta, Russells Point, Coldwater and Celina — have had the opportunity to give out. Vorhees noted the total is almost double the amount normally given to student employees. 

Since its launch in April of 2015, McDonald’s reported that almost 55,000 employees across the United States have enrolled in the archways program and a total of $100 million in scholarships have been awarded. Programs are available to McDonald’s employees and the employees of participating independent franchisees. Employees and their family members are also eligible for assistance in earning their high school diplomas. 

Both Vorhees and Monfort stated they are hiring at their restaurants if people are looking for a way to get involved. To be eligible for scholarships, employees have to work for at least 90 days, working a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Monfort said he’s had employees participate in the Archways to Opportunity program and continue working while going to college and a few have even graduated debt free. He said the combination of scholarships, flexible work schedules and local colleges make it possible for people to work while also furthering their education.