MHS Grad Starts New Law Career

Shelby Core, a 2011 Memorial High School graduate, recently passed the Ohio bar exam and began working at Huffman, Kelley, Brock & Gottschalk Law Firm in Lima.
Staff Writer

Giving back to their community is a common goal for students when they graduate high school and head off to college. Now, eight years after high school, a 2011 Memorial High School graduate is getting her chance to help the community.

Originally planning on becoming a dentist, Shelby Core said her plans changed when she attended a career day in Lima during her eighth grade year.

"One of the speakers was an attorney and he talked about how he does something different every day and you’re always on your toes and then when I heard that, I knew it was what I wanted to do," she said.

Once she knew what she wanted to do, Core needed to find a place to get her education to pursue her goal of becoming an attorney. She attended Ohio Northern University after high school where she earned her undergraduate degree in clinical science while also minoring in business administration. With undergrad taken care of, Core decided to stay at ONU to get her law degree.

Then came the biggest test she has taken so far in her life — the Ohio bar exam.   

“I took the BAR exam in July and then they make you wait until the end of October to find out if you passed," she said.

Core said she felt relieved that all the hard work she put in studying had paid off. She described how she had studied every day since she graduated from law school — except July Fourth — studying for the two and a half daylong exam.

"It was a pretty awesome feeling to see my name on that list," she said.

While attending law school, Core had worked as a law clerk for Huffman, Kelley, Brock & Gottschalk in Lima where she was introduced not only to the firm but also to the work its attorneys did.

At the time of the interview, Core noted that she had a wide variety of cases she was working on at the moment ranging from divorces and child custody cases to personal injury and misdemeanor crime cases. She said she also does estate law.

Core added that while she would like to have her own private practice some day, she is taking the time now to gain experience under more experienced lawyers at Huffman, Kelley, Brock & Gottschalk and enjoy her new career.