MHS Seniors Start Community Project

Managing Editor

Two Memorial High School seniors are beginning a community project just in time as the weather begins to turn. 

Mason King and Samantha Ackroyd are starting up Head to Toe, a community project that is focused on spreading joy to the community of St. Marys and the local area through donated clothing products. 

Each week will be focused on a specific item and those items will be collected Monday through Saturday, sanitized and then passed out on Sundays at Agape Ministries, Inc. for anyone in need of that particular item.

“I wanted to do this because I heard a lady at church talking about how there was a girl who walks to school who wears shoes that are not good schools to be walking in,” King said. “So me and my men’s group just decided that there should be a way to fix that. So we put this in action so if people have those problems and small needs, then we can turn it into something big by being able to give them those items in need.”

The first week, which began Monday and will last until Nov. 1 will focus on items for the head and neck area — which includes hats, scarfs and ear muffs. Week 2 would consists of shirts, long sleeves shirts and hoodies; week 3 will be pants and week 4 would be shoes.

Details on the project can be found on St. Marys City Schools and Agape Facebook pages. Totes are located in all the schools in the SMCS district as well as New Knoxville School, Holy Rosary and TLC Learning Center as well as Setex and King added hopefully Parker-Hannifin Corp. and Kosei St. Marys and Wapakoneta and Celina city schools.

“All of that will come down to us and our partnership with Agape Ministries will sanitize all of the items and then passed out to local people in need,” King added.

King said the project began in his men’s group at his church.

“Instead of vocally talking about the problems in St. Marys and locally, we wanted to take action,” he said.

King added that if people do not have items to donate or are not sure what to donate, he and Ackroyd will accept cash donations and buy new clothing items to be passed out. 

The two are also looking to get more churches involved in the project as Wayne Street Methodist Church and Calvary Christian Fellowship have joined in helping with the project.

“I wanted to do it because I love doing community service,” Ackroyd added. “I love helping out at my church and we have done similar things like this at my church, but when I heard that he [King] was doing this project, I wanted to join in because it is something I love doing.

“I love to be able to make people happy.”