Minster Softball Gets A New Field

Diamond 5 is the new home of the Minster Wildcats softball team.
Sports Editor

Just in time for softball practice, the Minster Wildcats will be playing at what will feel like a new diamond.

A stone’s throw from where they played on Diamond 3 at Four Seasons Park, the Wildcats look to open the 2017 spring season on Diamond 5 for the foreseeable future with fresh infield dirt, a new sound system, new fencing, a new scoreboard and better dugouts.


The updated diamond is made possible by the community and the Minster Athletic Boosters.


“This field will be ready for the season,” said Minster Athletic Director Josh Clune. “There might have to bs some adjustments that need made.

“The goal is Opening Day that it will be done, and we are really close to that.”


Diamond 5 is an upgrade for the softball team, who has been playing at Diamond 3 over the years.


The idea behind moving the softball team to a renovated diamond was to make both baseball and softball even in terms of the facilities each one had.


“We started doing renovations to the baseball diamond,” Clune said. “When these conversations started, the thought was while we are going to make those improvements for baseball, is there any improvements we can do for softball to make sure that the fields stay equal?”


One of the new additions for the softball team is a new scoreboard. The scoreboard is the same as the one at the baseball field at Melcher and Hanover streets, but just a smaller version.


“We wanted the softball team to have their home,” said Clune. “They used to play in town, where the baseball team plays now, but this will be as close as they can get to feeling at home.”


Also added was warm-up areas for pitchers outside each dugout with netting for protection. The field will also have a new sound system installed.



The softball diamond replaces a less utilized grassed infield baseball diamond. 


The project to renovate Diamond 5 was just shy of $420,000, which that total also consisted of projects from the baseball field. The fundraising campaign was to take two years, but the money came in within 18 months thanks to various businesses, the village and individuals who donated money to the Minster Athletic Boosters.


No taxpayer money or money at any cost to the school was used in these projects.


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