NBPD Raises Money for Auglaize County Crisis Center

Staff Writer

Since Feb. 1, members of the New Bremen Police Department are looking a little different these past few weeks. Anyone who has seen officers out and about, they may have noticed that they are growing out their facial hair — an unusual look for police departments.
The reason for the new change comes as a little fundraiser for the Auglaize County Crisis Center. For $25, officers can grow out their beards and all of the money raised will be donated to the Crisis Center. Participation is optional, but Police Chief Mike Skinner said most of the department is participating. Of the 13-man team, 11 have donated the $25 and are letting their facial hair to grow.
While they enjoy giving to a good cause, the idea didn’t come from within the department.
“It was started by the sheriff’s department and we just sort of tagged on,” he said. “What we do is each department gets a collection or donation and then we put it all together and donate it to the Crisis Center from law enforcement of Auglaize County as a whole.”
Skinner mentioned that for New Bremen, the price to participate is a little higher — $20 with the sheriff’s office — but given their size and who the money is going to, the extra fee is worth it.
The men in blue have until April 5 to keep their beards before they have to shave it off. There are some added fees involved with the challenge. Anyone participating will have to pay $5 if they shave or if their facial hair is not well maintained.
Skinner mentioned that after only one month in, no one has had to pay a fee, yet.
The Auglaize County Crisis Center is a domestic violence shelter that helped individuals in Auglaize County escape their abuser and build toward a better future.
According to their website, the crisis center is the only agency in the county that provides shelter up to 90 days, food, case management and programming to survivors. They work with adults and children. All of the services they provide — including legal advocacy, civil protection orders, transportation, financial empowerment education and non-residential programs with a nine-month follow up service — are all free of charge to clients.
The crisis center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a pager response system.
For more information about the Auglaize County Crisis Center visit them online at AuglaizeCrisisCenter.org or call 419-738-5511.