New Bremen BoE hears from community

Staff Writer

On Wednesday evening, the New Bremen Board of Education heard several presentations from community members including the varsity volleyball team and Head Coach Diana Kramer as well as resident Steve Vonderhaar about the vacationing of Cardinal Street.
The volleyball team opened up the meeting with the team introducing themselves and the position they played. The board congratulated the team on their exceptional season and earning the title of state runner-up.
“We just want to thank everyone here and the entire community for the support that we have received,” Kramer said. “Looking back, it’s very bittersweet. We played eight 15-point sets this year and you know we found ways to win seven of those eight. Unfortunately we didn’t win that last one and obviously it stings and it will probably sting for a really long time but I’m proud.”
Vonderhaar spoke next to the board about his — and his neighbors’ — opinions about what to do with a portion of Cardinal Street that will intersect with the school if the village chooses to vacate the portion the school has requested.
He started off by pointing out that by the time the new school is built and open all of his children will be graduated and gone from the area. That being said, he says he and his wife, Angie, still have a strong interest in safety of other students who would be living and walking in that area.
“My personal belief is that the end result, whether you’re looking at it from the school’s perspective or the resident’s perspective, should drive you to the same place,” he said. “One shouldn’t be safer for the school and not the residents and hopefully the answer isn’t safe for the residents but unsafe for the school.”
One concern that he brought up, which he also brought up at Monday’s village council meeting, is that any vehicle — personal or delivery — if it drives northbound on Cardinal Street, passing Burk Street, it would then have to enter school property in order to leave the area.
“That traffic can and will happen at any time of the day,” he explained. “It can happen with morning school traffic coming into school, it can happen at the end of the day when school is exiting, it can happen during after school events.
“And that does happen. We’ve had deliveries at our home at 7:30 or 7:45 in the morning, UPS, the mail comes between three and four in the afternoon and so there will be, should the road remain open, there will be an interaction of non school traffic and school traffic.”

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