New Bremen Siren System Only To Sound When Danger Is Near

Staff Writer

At the New Bremen Village Council meeting on Tuesday, Mayor Jeff Pape addressed the public and council members about the siren system in the village after Monday nights bout of extreme weather that produced tornado-like conditions. A confirmed number has not been released yet.
He wanted to explain the reason why sirens in the village did not go off despite their neighbors to the north experiencing severe weather conditions. Around 2006, he said the village redid their siren system as previously they were connected to all siren systems in Auglaize County. The village felt this was necessary because if a siren was turned on in Cridersville that would trip their siren to go off as well, even though a storm in that region of the county was unlikely to hit New Bremen.
For the sake of ensuring residents didn’t start to ignore the siren and think of it as a false alarm, they decided to detach from the rest of the county and create their own set of rules on when the alarm would go off to warn residents to seek shelter.
At the meeting, he read a statement explaining when the siren would go off to warn residents. The statement read:
“New Bremen has a warning system to warn residents in the event of a tornado. The outside warning sirens will only be activated when a tornado has been sited near or approaching the village of New Bremen as informed by the National Weather Service, any law enforcement or fire department agency in the New Bremen area if the tornado is heading in the direction of New Bremen. The officer on duty with the New Bremen Police Department can also call the Auglaize County Sheriff’s [Office] if a tornado has been spotted within 25 miles of New Bremen and heading towards (sic) New Bremen, asking the sheriff department to activate it. When sirens sound residents are advised to seek shelter immediately. The sirens will sound continuously as long as there is danger. When there is no further danger, the sirens will be turned off. The stopping of the sirens should be understood as all clear and you can go back to normal activities.”
Pape also reminded everyone that they test their siren system every Saturday at noon to ensure it is in working order. He said that if someone living near the siren doesn’t hear the test on Saturday’s to contact the village so they can correct the issue.