New Man On The Beat In New Knoxville

Officer Kyle Brown recently joined the New Knoxville Police Department, bringing his years of experience with him.
Staff Writer

Although he may be new to the New Knoxville Police Department, this isn't his first rodeo.

For new officer Kyle Brown the job is the same, it's just in a new place.

The 2004 Bellefontaine grad has been working with various police departments since he graduated from the Clark State Community College Police Academy in 2010.

Brown was sworn in as a New Knoxville officer earlier this month during the July village council meeting.

The switch to The Little City was a simple one for Brown. When the Jackson Center Police Department hired a full-time officer, Brown — a full-time employee at Airstream — saw his part-time hours reduced. While looking for a new part-time police job, Brown said the atmosphere of New Knoxville drew him in.

For the time being, Brown is getting to know his way around the village by riding with other officers but he has enough experience that he will be on his own soon. In what little free time he has, Brown said he enjoys hunting, boating, riding his motorcycle and coming home to his wife and three "fur babies."

In addition to his work, the Bellefontaine native is also hitting the books. Brown said he has already gotten his associate and bachelor's degrees in criminal science and he is finishing up double master's degrees in public administration and human resources.

He is set to complete his courses in the spring of 2019.

Brown not only credits the knowledge of his superiors and fellow officers for his success but he also gives the dispatchers he works with praise for their insights.

With that being said, Brown added that experience grows with every call and that each call is unique.

Despite the pressures that police work can put on a person, Brown said he and his fellow officers do their best to give people the benefit of the doubt.
"I'm pretty easy going," he said. "I give everybody a fair shot, I think we all do."