NK Council Approves Annexation For Crown Expansion

Staff Writer

NEW KNOXVILLE — The annexation plans for the Crown Equipment expansion to the northeast of the Village of New Knoxville have received the final go-ahead from village council.

During Wednesday night’s monthly meeting, council unanimously passed the third and final reading of Ordinance 2018-06-02 allowing for the annexation of 36 acres to the immediate north and east of the current Crown facility.

“The township did not pass it but I think it was just because they have a couple of questions about it,” Village Solicitor Jason This said. 

Mayor Keith Leffel said the primary question Washington Township had was “why didn’t they annex more?”

This informed council that there was nothing the village could do to force Crown to take on more than the 36 acres in the annexation agreement.

While on the discussion of annexation, Village Administrator Rex Katterheinrich brought up a small parcel of land on the southern end of the village that extends about 8 feet into the park, which is village property.

“It is .033 acres and through the annexation process, when we annexed the land for the park, it was not included in the annexation,” Katterheinrich said. 

This explained that the tract — 11 feet wide on the west, 12.5 feet wide on the east and 116 feet long — is a bit of a “no man’s land” in that the village claims to own it at the same time the property owner claims to own it. To help clear up potential confusion about the property that could arise if the owner were to try and sell the residence and the surrounding land, This proposed two options to the council.

“We can claim it, turn around and give it to the homeowners or we can just deed the land to them as long as they sign a petition of annexation,” he said.

Council elected to have Katterheinrich talk to the property owner to see if they would be willing to sign an annexation petition, legally granting the land to the property owner.