Results From Swim Meet Vs Tecumseh Woods

St. Marys Seahawk swimmer Kaylee Katterhenry competes last week's swim meet against Tecumseh Woods.
Sports Editor

Sports Editor's Note: Due to the large number of swim results from the St. Marys Seahawks little league meets, additional results will now be posted on our website, with a story recaping a handful results printed in the newspaper. Additional meets will be posted online in the near future, including the Celina Pentathlon and the swim meet against Troy.

The St. Marys Seahawks little league swim and dive team won its third straight meet with the boys team dominating the meet.
As a team, the Seahawks blew out Tecumseh Woods 1,022-301, with the boys winning by a tally of 524-68.
Many of the races at the St. Marys Aquatic Center were uncontested victories for the Seahawks boys teams and individuals.
Beginning in the relay competitions in the 9-10 age category, the quartet of Cobain Owens, Jaxton Spees, Reese Triplett and Dylan Hertenstein were champions in the 100-meter medley relay with a time of 1:27.15 and first in the 100-meter freestyle relay with a time of 1:17.77.
In all the other relays for each age group, St. Marys either won uncontested or finished second, with those results being printed at a later date.
In the individual medley races, Triplett was the champion in the boys 9-10 group with a time of 1:30.49 and Spees finished third (1:57.25). The remainder IMs were non-contested wins.
In additional individual races, Preston Rupert was the champion in the boys 8 and under group in the 25-meter freestyle with a time of 19.78 and Carter Verbryke finished as runner-up (20.91). In the breaststroke, Bradey Triplett was first with a time of 23.99, Nathan Whitman taking second (40.53) and Claydon Milner claiming third (42.50). Triplett finished first at 24.89 and Verbryke second at 35.44 in the 25-meter butterfly.
In the 25-meter backstroke, Triplett was the champion with a time of 24.59, Rupert second (25.85) and Verbryke third (29.98).
In the 9-10 group, Owens was the champion in the 25-meter freestyle with a time of 17.25 and in the 50-meter freestyle with a time of 38.78.
Logan Botkin took second in the 50-meter (43.65) and Spees was third (53.36).
Triplett was the champion in the 25-meter butterfly with a time of 18.78, with Hertenstein taking second (28.15) and Brian Speckman claiming third (29.05).
Triplett was also the champion in the 25-meter backstroke (19.91) and Owens took second (21.65).
Spees was the champion in the breaststroke (22.38) and Bennett Glass finished in third (33.03).
In the boys 11-12 group races, Maddox Hertenstein claimed runner-up in the 25-meter freestyle with a time of 21.13 while Carter Schmidt took third (22.22).
Hertenstein was also the champion in the breaststroke with a time of 27.10, Gavin Ward took third (30.63).
Ryan Meier was the champion in the 25-meter butterfly with a time of 16.41 and Blake Phlipot claimed third (28.59). Meier also finished in the top spot in the 25-meter backstroke with a time of 19.75, Carter was second (26.83) and Jackson Monroe was third (28.06).
St. Marys individuals won all of the races in age groups 13-14 and 15 and over with no opponents to run against.

The St. Marys Seahawks girls little league swim and dive team also defeated Tecumseh Woods.
Beginning in the relay competitions in the 8 and under age category, the girls relay team of Peyton Gabel, Zara Spees, Audra Clark and Ali Kable were champions in the 100-meter medley relay with a time of 1:40.50.
The 11-12 relay team of Josephine Daggerhart, Kelly Grannan, Emma Link and Raegan Amstutz also finished as champions with a time of 1:21.13.
In the 200-meter medley relay, the girls 15 and over quartet of Sierra Bruan, Michaela Key, Destiny King and Kaylee Katterhenry finished first with a time of 2:32.89. That same quartet if girls also won the 200-meter freestyle relay under a time of 2:21.20.
The girls 9-10 100-meter freestyle relay team of Ciera Rupert, Ella Kable, Alexus Slone and Brynn Clark finished in the top spot with a time of 1:18.75 as well as the age 11-12 squad of Link, Daggerhart, Amstutz and Grannan with their time of 1:15.00.
In the individual medley races, Grannan finished as runner-up for the girls 11-12 group with a time of 1:53.29 and her teammate, Daggerhart, took third place (1:57.74).
In the girls 13-14 group, Alivia Link was runner-up in the IM with a time of 1:26.69 and Kennedy Schreiber finished third (1:43.13).
In the girls 15 and older group, Braun took home second with a time of 1:17.97, 10 hundredths of a second from first place. Katterhenry finished third with a time of 1:33.88.
In the other individual races sorted by age groups, beginning with the 8 and under group, Clark took home first place in the 25-meter freestyle with a time of 18.15, the 25-meter butterfly (19.87) and the 25-meter backstroke (23.25).
Her teammate, Spees, took runner-up in the freestyle (20.53), the butterfly (21.78) and champion in the 25-meter breaststroke with a time of 27.81. Piper Triplett was runner-up in the breaststroke (29.47) and Kable finished in the third in the butterfly (27.21). Claire Turner took third in the backstroke (30.44).
In the girls 9-10 races, Rupert won first place in the 25-meter freestyle (17.73) and Slone took second (20.62). Rupert also took first in the 25-meter butterfly (20.25), while Kable finished in second (22.12).
Clark won the 50-meter version with a time of 38.38, with Kable taking second (45.63) and Sophie James claiming third place (53.36). Clark also won the 25-meter backstroke with a time of 21.93, Slone took second (25.81) and Theresia Jutte took third place (27.50).
Clark finished her day individually by winning the breaststroke with a time of 23.38, Kable taking second (27.49 and Slone finishing third (27.72).
In the girls 11-12 group, Link was runner-up in the 25-meter freestyle (17.28) and third in the butterfly (18.50). Amstutz took second in the 50-meter freestyle (42.33) and Daggerhart claimed third (42.39).
Daggerhart was the champion of the girls 25-meter backstroke under a time of 23.03 and her teammate, Abbi Hertenstein, finished second with a time of 26.43. Grannan was the champion in the breaststroke with a time of 21.40 and Amstutz claimed third (25.09).
In the 13-14 age group, Link was runner-up in the 50-meter freestyle with a time of 33.07 and Ryleigh Young took second (36.83). Young also finished third in the 50-meter butterfly (44.27).
Link also finished as a runner-up in the 50-meter breaststroke with a time of 43.30 and Schreiber claimed third (49.91).
Lastly, is the 15 and older group, led by Braun’s first-place finish in the  50-meter freestyle with a time of 30.34 and teammate Katterhenry claiming second (31.75). Braun was also the champion in the 50-meter butterfly with a time of 33.64, with King taking third (39.97). King also claimed runner-up in the backstroke with a time of 39.97 and Jenna Perry finished third (43.80). King took third in the breaststroke (46.31) and Katterhenry was second (46.23).

Additional results

Boys 8 and under 100-meter medley relay
Preston Rupert, Claydon Milner,
Bradey Triplett, Carter Verbryke          1:50.44,     1st (Uncontested)

Girls 9-10 100-meter medley relay
Ciera Rupert, Brynn Clark,
Ella Kable, Alexus Slone                       1:27.63     1st (Uncontested)
Alexis Shadrach, Amy Hertenstein,
Sophie James, Allison McDermitt        1:48.87    2nd (Uncontested)

Boys 9-10 100-meter medley relay
Logan Botkin, Bennett Glass,
Brian Speckman, Brandyn Amstutz    1;54.74    3rd

Girls 11-12 100-meter medley relay
Chloe Gibson, Ella Glass,
Darcie Liming, Abbi Hertentsein        1:41.54    3rd

Boys 11-12 100-meter medley relay
Ryan Meier, Maddox Hertenstein,
Gavin Ward, Blake Philpot            1:27.43    1st (Uncontested)

Girls 13-14 200-meter medley relay
Alivia Link, Kennedy Schreiber,
Kallie Gayver, Ryleigh                     3:01.41    2nd

Boys 13-14 200-meter medley relay
Jace Deubler, Kyle Lucas,
Xander Spees, Cahrlie Kerbs        2:23.07    1st (Uncontested)

Girls 15 & over 200-meter medley relay
Jenna Perry, Kristen Schnelle,
Allie Orick, Alyssa Hollandsworth        2:57.75    3rd

Boys 15 & over 200-meter medley relay
Caleb Westerfield, Michael Key,
Riley Niekamp, Nick Dues                    2:19.99    1st (Uncontested)
Justin Grannan, Austin Hertenstein,
Jacob Westerfield, Ethyn Krites            3:11.12    2nd (Uncontested)

Girls 8 & under 25-meter freestyle
Ali Kable                                                    22.56        4th
Peyton Gabel                                           23.18        5th

Boys 8 & under 25-meter freestyle
Claydon Milner                                        37.15            6th
Hayden Roby                                           40.44            7th

Girls 9-10 25-meter freestyle
Sophie James                                          21.93            5th
Alexis Shadrach                                      22.53            7th

Boys 9-10 25-meter freestyle
Brandyn Amstutz                                     19.57            4th
Logan Botkin                                            19.59            5th
Dylan Hertenstein                                    20.60            6th

Girls 11-12 25-meter freestyle
Raegan Amstutz                                      18.12            4th
Darcie Liming                                           18.32            5th
Abbi Hertenstein                                      20.81            6th

Boys 11-12 25-meter freestyle
Blake Philpot                                            22.37            4th

Girls 8 & under 25-meter breaststroke
Peyton Gabel                                           35.50            5th
Ava Botkin                                                40.99            6th

Girls 9-10 50-meter freestyle
Emma Kenny                                           1:21.87        5th

Boys 9-10 50-meter freestyle
Brain Speckman                                     1:01.96        5th

Girls 11-12 50-meter freestyle
Abbi Hertenstein                                     46.16            4th
Ella Glass                                                 48.93            5th

Boys 11-12 50-meter freestyle
Ryan Meier                                               31.21            1st (Uncontested)
Gavin Ward                                              47.34            2nd (Uncontested)
Ethyn Krites                                              52.88            3rd (Uncontested)

Girls 13-14 50-meter freestyle
Kennedy Schreiber                                38.22            5th
Alyssa Hollandsworth                            40.28            6th

Boys 13-14 50-meter freestyle
Charlie Kerbs                                           30.52            1st (Uncontested)
Xander Spees                                          32.29            2nd (Uncontested)
Jace Deubler                                            34.04            3rd (Uncontested)

Girls 5 & over 50-meter freestyle
Jenna Perry                                               35.41            4th
Michaela Key                                            36.31            5th

Boys 15 & over 50-meter freestyle
Caleb Westerfield                                     29.60            1st (Uncontested)
Michael Key                                               30.22             2nd (Uncontested)
Justin Grannan                                          36.31            3rd (Uncontested)

Girls 8 & under 25-meter butterfly
Peyton Gabel                                               34.61            4th

Girls 9-10 25-meter butterfly
Allison McDermitt                                        28.03            4th
Sophie James                                              28.62            5th

Boys 9-10 25-meter butterfly
Brandyn Amstutz                                         30.35            5th

Girls 11-12 25-meter butterfly
Kelly Grannan                                              19.50            4th
Darcie Liming                                               22.48            6th
Molly Sandberg                                            29.75            7th

Boys 11-12 25-meter butterfly
Carter Schmidt                                              29.59            4th

Girls 8 & under 25-meter backstroke
Piper Triplett                                                  30.44            4th
Ava Botkin                                                      30.61            6th

Boys 8 & under 25-meter backstroke
Hayden Roby                                                 34.42            4th

Girls 13-14 50-meter butterfly
Kalie Gayer                                                    53.49            4th

Boys 13-14 50-meter butterfly
Xander Spees                                                36.17            1st (Uncontested)
Charlie Kerbs                                                 37.19            2nd (Uncontested)
Kyle Lucas                                                      37.66            3rd (Uncontested)
Austin Hertenstein                                         41.68            4th (Uncontested)

Girls 15 & over 50-meter butterfly
Kristen Schnelle                                             41.25            4th
Allie Orick                                                        46.94            5th

Boys 15 & over 50-meter butterfly
Jacob Westerfield                                          41.63     1st (uncontested)

Girls 8 & under 100-meter freestyle relay
Piper Triplett, Ava Botkin,
Claire Turner, Nora Fischbach                     1:44.90                  2nd

Boys 8 & under 100-meter freestyle relay
Preston Rupert, Hayden Roby,
Carter Verbryke, Bradey Triplett                    1:35.82                  1st (Uncontested)
Noah Allen, Andy Monroe,
Claydon Milner, Nathan Whitman                 2:25.66                  2nd (Uncontested)
Grady Hughes, CJ Craft,
Beckett Clark, Brodie McDermitt                    2:36.91                  3rd (Uncontested)
Colten Spray, Rowan Verbryke,
Lincoln James, Austin Spray                          3:35.69                  4th (Uncontested)

Boys 9-10 100-meter individual medley
Dylan Hertenstein                                             2:16.56                  4th

Girls 11-12 100-meter individual medley
Chloe Gibson                                                     2:14.93                  4th
Ella Glass                                                            2:15.04                  5th

Boys 11-12 100-meter individual medley
Maddox Hertenstein                                         2:09.03                  1st (Uncontested)
Ethyn Krites                                                        2:55.92                  2nd (Uncontested)

Girls 13-14 100-meter individual medley
Alyssa Hollandsowrth                                     1:49.63                  4th

Boys 13-14 100-meter individual medley
Kyle Lucas                                                           1:13.00                  1st (Uncontested)
Jace Deubler                                                      1:29.25                  2nd (Uncontested)

Girls 15 & over 100-meter individual medley
Michaela Key                                                     1:34.10                  4th
Jenna Perry                                                        1:36.59                  5th
Kristen Schnelle                                                                1:40.87                  6th

Boys 15 & over 100-meter individual medley
Caleb Westerfield                                            1:19.59 1st (Uncontested)
Michael Key                                                       1:28.13                  2nd (Uncontested)
Jacob Westerfield                                            1:35.20                  3rd (Uncontested)

Girls 9-10 25-meter backstroke
Alexis Shadrach                                                28.45                     4th

Boys 9-10 25-meter backstroke
Logan Botkin                                                      25.47                     4th
Brandyn Amstutz                                               27.46                     5th

Girls 11-12 25-meter backstroke
Darcie Liming                                                     29.37                     4th
Chloe Gibson                                                     30.95                     5th

Boys 11-12 25-meter backstroke
Blake Philipot                                                     33.12                     4th

Girls 13-14 50-meter backstroke
Kalie Gayer                                                         45.89                     4th
Alyssa Hollandsworth                                       51.46                     5th
Ryleigh Young                                                     51.84                     6th

Boys 13-14 50-meter backstroke
Jace Deubler                                                      41.06                     1st (Uncontested)
Xander Spees                                                    41.71                     2nd (Uncontested)
Austin Hertenstein                                             43.88                     3rd (Uncontested)

Girls 15 & over 50-meter backstroke
Kristen Schnelle                                                 47.83                     5th
Allie Orick                                                            54.71                     6th

Boys 15 & over 50-meter backstroke
Riley Niekamp                                                   36.49                     1st (Uncontested)
Caleb Westerfield                                            37.00                     2nd (Uncontested)
Jacob Westerfield                                            49.31                     3rd (Uncontested)
Justin Grannan                                                  54.52                     4th (Uncontested)

Girls 9-10 25-meter breaststroke
Amy Hertenstein                                             30.78                     4th

Boys 9-10 25-meter breaststroke
Luke Hertenstein                                             42.61                     4th

Girls 11-12 25-meter breaststroke
Emma Link                                                          25.30                     4th
Ella Glass                                                              27.85                     5th

Boys 11-12 25-meter  breaststroke
Ethyn Krites                                                        41.47                     4th

Girls 13-14 50-meter breaststroke
Kalie Gayer                                                         49.98                     4th

Boys 13-14 50-meter breaststroke
Kyle Lucas                                                           36.07                     1st (Uncontested)
Austin Hertenstein                                              46.23                     2nd (Uncontested)

Girls 15 & over 50-meter breaststroke
Michaela Key                                                     46.88                     4th
Allie Orick                                                            56.71                     6th

Boys 15 & over 50-meter breaststroke
Riley Niekamp                                                   36.49                     1st (Uncontested)
Michael Key                                                       44.37                     2nd (Uncontested)
Justin Grannan                                                  57.90                     3rd (Uncontested)

Girls 9-10 100-meter freestyle relay
Alexis Shadrach, Amy Hertenstein,
Allison McDermitt, Sophie James               1:43.56                  3rd
Destiny Cotterman, Emma Kenny,
Mallory Ward, Theresia Jutte                       2:06.60                  4th
Madison Lindstorm, Jaylyn Cost,
Kennedey Regedanz, Kacey Regedanz   2:31.52                  5th

Boys 9-10 100-meter freestyle relay
Brandyn Amstutz, Luke Hertenstein,
Brian Speckman, Logan Botkin                   1:29.38                  2nd

Girls 11-12 100-meter freestyle relay
Darcie Liming, Chloe Gibson,
Ella Glass, Abbi Hertenstein                         1:15.69                  3rd
Jordyn Glass, Molly Sandberg,
Ava Gottschalk, Clara Poe                            1:38.44                  4th

Boys 11-12 100-meter freestyle relay
Blake Phlipot, Carter Schmidt,
Elias Poe, Bennett Glass                               1:17.11                  1st (Uncontested)
Gavin Ward, Jackson Monroe,
Maddox Hertenstein, Ryan Meier                1:48.20                  2nd (Uncontested)

Girls 13-14 200-meter freestyle relay
Kalie Gayer, Kennedy Schreiber,
Ryleigh Young, Alivia Link                              2:34.10                  2nd

Boys 13-14 200-meter freestyle relay
Lucas Kyle, Xander Spees,
Jace Deubler, Charlie Kerbs                         2:06.93                  1st (Uncontested)

Girls 15 & over 200-meter freestyle relay
Allie Orick, Braun Sierra,
Alyssa Hollandsworth, Jenna Perry          2:29.88                  2nd

Boys 15 & over 200-meter freestyle relay
Riley Niekamp, Nick Dues,
Michael Key, Caleb Westerfield                 2:05.46                  1st (Uncontested)
Jacob Westerfield, Justin Grannan,
Austin Hertenstein, Ethyn Krites                2:51.65                  2nd (Uncontested)