Rider Enjoys Helping Others

ST. MARYS — Helping others drives Memorial High School senior Savanna “Van” Jones, who strives to do what she can for others through many aspects of her life.

“I want to help people,” Jones told The Evening Leader.

Jones keeps busy working two jobs — as a waitress at Bob Evans and as a game advisor at Game Stop — and also earns money selling some of her artwork online.

“I do a lot of different paintings,” she said, noting she sells them on Etsy. “If people like them, they can get a hold of me and I sell the painting to them.”

At school, Jones is involved in Art Club.

“It gives us free range to do whatever we want and we get to help each other,” she said.

Jones, who has been attending the St. Marys City School District her entire academic career, said she enjoys the small community Memorial High School offers.

“I like coming to school everyday and seeing the same people everyday,” she said.

The people, she noted, are what she will miss most when she graduates in May.

“Seeing my friends everyday,” Jones said.

Memorial High School is home to several teachers that have made an impact on Jones.

“The ones who really care about their students and you can tell they really enjoy what they do,” she said, noting she could not choose one favorite teacher. “I think the government teachers make a big impact on students.”

Through she has not decided which college she would like to attend upon graduation, Jones has decided she would like to study to become a nurse practitioner.

“I’m really interested in science, and that’s a good way to use the classes I like,” she said.

The opportunity to help others also drew Jones to her chosen career path.

“I’m going to be able to help people,” she said. “I’m going into it to help people, not for the pay.”

Jones advised underclassmen to remain focused on their coursework while in high school.

“Study very hard,” she said.

— This is part of a senior feature series to appear in The Evening Leader on Saturdays, showcasing members of the 2012-13 St. Marys Memorial High School senior class.