RoseWood Staying Busy With Tours, Recording

Singer Paul RoseWood performs at the entertainment tent on Sunday at the Auglaize County Fair.
Managing Editor

The last time Paul RoseWood was in the area, he had just announced that he signed a label deal as a solo artist.

Roughly four months later, RoseWood is a wanted man as the Versailles native is booking a number of live gigs and getting the exposure he needs to become a big-named artist.

“It hasn’t gone down — but it’s a slow incline — which is good because it means you are not going backward,” he said on Sunday, prior to performing at the Auglaize County Fair. “So I’m always constantly going forward. I’ll talk to a person, they’ll send me to someone else and then I make a little headway to keep going up. It’s been a nice and steady upward trend in the last few months and I like it.”

Once the lead singer of Shelby County Line, RoseWood said he has felt a little different being solo since his SCL disbanded last summer — mainly from working with different people than before — but RoseWood said he has his goal in mind and he will do whatever it takes to get there. He’s performed gigs throughout Ohio and played with a group of other musicians for Nashville Rising Song CMA Fest Showcase at Live Oak Music Rose in Nashville, Tennessee in May.

Last summer, Shelby County Line disbanded as RoseWood decided to pursue film at Ball State University and then eventually a solo gig. With his solo music career keeping him busy however, RoseWood added that he hasn’t finished his education yet — with a few classes still left to go — but he still plans on finishing it when time allows for it.

But RoseWood has established connections and become friends with people in the industry that would help him further his career in Nashville and eventually forging a connection with Artist Development and Producer Jason Wyatt in March. 

RoseWood said he and Wyatt are working on releasing three songs — each as singles.

“Right now, we are done cutting vocals and we are getting ready to send it to our post-production guy,” RoseWood said. “So hopefully in a month or two, we will have the first song ready for release. I’m really excited about that.”

The artist is not looking to release an EP, but instead release singles every month for three or four months in a row. Last month, he was in Nashville to start recording his new music.

“It’s kind of what people do right now to get the hype going really quickly and to get you noticed,” he added.

RoseWood said he has gotten some exposure since signing his label deal in March, such as performing at Country Concert earlier in the month as well as finishing an acoustic tour in the spring. 

As he arrived at the fair on Sunday, RoseWood said he and his band just got done with a gig in Chicago and RoseWood drove six hours to perform at the Auglaize County Fair while his band stayed behind. 

A strong mix of country as his genre, RoseWood said with all the traveling he does, the touring happens from Friday to Monday, with additional prep work throughout the week.

“If my band was with me, it would have had to be here setting up at 3 p.m.,” RoseWood said with his performance scheduled to start at 7 p.m. “So we would have had to drive overnight and that wasn’t something we wanted to do.

“It is definitely fun for sure though.”

A future stop for the young solo singer will be at Moeller Brew Barn in Maria Stein as part of a Cheers & Beers acoustic tour Aug. 2. RoseWood will also perform at the Darke County Fair where his hometown Versailles is located in late August and he will be going to Attica next month as well as a few gigs on the eastern side of the state.

Probably his biggest event will be at Yorkshire Aug. 31 as part of RoseFest 2019 with himself, ReFlektion and Jacob Williams.

More information about RoseWood can be found on his website, and on his Facebook page, Paul RoseWood.