Rotary Auction to Benefit Local, Global Projects

Staff Writer

Later this month, the New Bremen New Knoxville Rotary Club will be hosting one of its largest fundraising events of the year with the funds planned to go toward future community programs as well as international programs that the Rotary is involved with.
This is the 29th year for the Rotary Auction, and this year there are 40 unique items up for live auction with many more happening with the silent auction as well as giveaways and chances to win more based on how much is spent on an auction item.
Since the first auction, Rotary has offered up a chance for attendees to win items just for showing up. Rotarian Steve Hartwig said that the numbered item changes year to year but often times is a box of buckeyes or fudge. Throughout the night, the auction draws numbers for different items with the last item being the “grand prize.”
This year, the club is giving away a high priced jewelry item that was donated to the club by Hudson Jeweler in St. Marys. In honor of the 30th year of the club, the Rotary is giving away a pearl ring for their pearl anniversary.
“You don’t have to purchase anything, [by] just sitting there you still have a chance of winning something,” said Rotarian and Auctioneer Tim Eiting.
Attendees also have the chance to win items by getting their names entered into a drawing when they purchase a live auction item for a certain price.
“Four years ago we gave away a $2,500 trip in honor of the 25th anniversary of the auction,” Eiting said. “Now we’ll give cash, $1,000, away as a drawing and we’ve done that through buyers bumping up their price. Anyone who paid a minimum $500 for one particular item [their name] goes into a drawing at the end of the night. If they paid $1,100 for an item, we’ll put [their name] in two [times].”
Items donated to the auction come from members of the Rotary club. The items donated are meant to be personable items in which bidders put their own value on. No matter how much something sells for, whether it goes for four times the purchase price or under the purchase price, it is added revenue for the club.
The revenue generated then goes to help the club fund the many project it takes on, locally or with the international portion of Rotary.

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