Rotary Welcomes New President

Staff Writer

There is a new era underway at the New Bremen New Knoxville Rotary Club as longtime member Larry Dicke as ushered in as the new president of the club.
Dicke has been a member of the club for about 12 years and is set to take over leading the weekly morning meetings.
“I think it will be good,” Dicke said. “I know I can handle it, I just have to get more organized and [learn] the computer.”
A familiar face to not only the community of New Bremen, but also the club, Dicke doesn’t shy away from being one of the first people to greet a new face in the club. Going above and beyond to ensure they are comfortable, recognized and most importantly fed, Dicke takes the service aspect of Rotary to a new level.
Getting the club familiar with each other and the people around them is one of his goals for his year as president.
“My goals are just like, I would like to get you up there, just as an example,” he said. “What was your dream when you graduated high school? I want people to know more people.
“There are people in this club who don’t know who you are or what you did and what you are doing today. They don’t have the slightest idea. They probably don’t even know your name.”
And not just getting to know people, Dicke also wants to hear regular updates from the committees working to make Rotary’s extracurricular programs — such as the auction, Easter egg hunt and community service — a success.
“If they’ve got something and if they don’t, they don’t,” he said.
One goal that was mentioned to him may be a large goal to complete in one year, but Dicke said he is up for the challenge to get the gears moving.
“One of the things we should set for a goal, which is a hell of a goal, which we would have to research … somebody said let’s have [the towpath] paved all the way to St. Marys,” he shared. “That would be a challenge, we would have to get everybody. Go through the state, but we need a project.”
Along with some smaller project along the way, it is bound to be a busy year for Mr. Dicke.
As the gavel was handed over to the new president, the club said a warm thank you to now past-President Lesia Arnett.
In a standing ovation for her dedication to the club over the last year, the members recognized all of her efforts to make the club the best it has ever been.
“She put everything on a very high level for me so I’m going to have to work hard,” Dicke told the club.

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