Roughrider Keeps Her Plate Full

ST. MARYS — Senior Sarah Mabry, 17, is and has always been involved in just about every kind of activity Memorial High School has to offer.

Up until this year, she was a member of FCA, FCCLA, Relay for Life and Friends for Rachel. That’s not counting varsity volleyball and softball, in which she still participates. Sports are fun for Mabry, and a good way to stay busy, but FCA was easily her favorite activity, and probably her favorite thing about high school.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, she said, is a group that meets during the school day to discuss all kinds of topics - from religion, to prom, to anything and everything students wish to discuss.

“Almost half our school was in it,” she said.

Mabry said she loved the feeling of having a safe forum to express her thoughts and listen to those of others without fear of being made fun of or criticized, or feeling pressured to agree with something just because it’s popular.

The most memorable moment from her three years of participating was “when Zach Moss got up and preached about God,” she said.

“It was right around prom time,” Mabry said, noting Moss was emphasizing to the audience what kind of behavior he hoped for from his peers. Their adviser, Mr. Reams, did not get a single word in.

Mabry’s favorite thing to do in FCA was listen and to absorb the words of her peers, but she remembers one instance when she became angry about a fellow FCAer’s comment that one sin was worse than another.

According to the Bible, Mabry said, all sins are equal. This is something she is proud of having been vocal about.

“I learned to be open-minded,” Mabry said about her experience in being a part of FCA. “And it wasn’t all based on religion.”

Mabry said she believes the feeling of acceptance and open-mindedness carried over to the entire student body at the high school/middle school building.

Mabry described how she liked being able to move from lunch table to lunch table and feel welcome with everyone.

“Everyone’s accepting toward everyone (else),” she said.

This is what she will miss the most about Memorial High School.

This year, Mabry decided to drop a lot of her extracurriculars to open up her schedule for work. She still reads Twitter updates posted by her peers alluding to a good discussion or something funny that happened during an FCA meeting, and feels as though she is missing out.

But as this is her last year as a high school student, Mabry has shifted her focus toward the future.

Mabry plans to study for two years at Wright State  Lake Campus to finish her general education classes without emptying her pockets.

After that, her next step will be to transfer to the University of Dayton and to apply to the nursing program there.

Mabry’s interest in nursing came about when her best friend and classmate, Taylor Baldauf, was injured in a serious car accident over a year and a half ago.

Mabry visited her friend in the hospital countless times, and the effect the nurses there had on her friend’s attitude and outlook on life was obvious.

“I thought about teaching ... But you would feel so much better about yourself,” she said, noting all the people nurses touch with their kindness and dedication.

The chemistry classes Mabry will have to take in order to get her nurse’s license will be a big challenge, and the gravity a small mistake could mean in her field weighs heavy on her mind sometimes.

In general, Mabry is excited about college and the next phase of her life.

“It will be something brand new,” she said of her future.