School Looking For 'NB' Logo

Pictured on the right is the old New Bremen logo. Pictured on the left is where the logo used to be but has been removed from the old elementary floor.
Staff Writer

New Bremen Schools posted on Facebook regarding vandalism at the old elementary school on Tuesday.

According to the post, sometime after 1 p.m. Sunday, a person or a group of people illegally entered the old K-8 building and cut out and removed the “NB” logo from the center of the old gym floor. 

This section of the floor was intended to be included as a decorative piece in the main entrance of our new building. 

"We are saddened and extremely disappointed that this happened as we feel this 100-year-old piece of flooring is a great and historic piece of artwork to display in our building," the post stated. "Ultimately, we would just like the safe return of this piece and we are willing to offer a reward for its return."

The school is urging that if anyone has information regarding the logo to contact the school at 419-629-8606 Ext. 101 or the New Bremen Police Department at 419-629-3371. 

All information will be kept confidential.