Senior Positive About Future

Staff Writer

One student is taking their friendly and positive personality and turning it into a career after high school.
Since being promoted to manager — after 2.5 years — at the local Pizza Hut, and talking with some of the superiors of chain, Lydia Newbauer is focusing on a career in hospitality management. Unsure if the food industry is where she’ll stay or if she’ll venture out into a more exotic area of hospitality, one thing is certain, Newbauer has a knack for being friendly and kind.
“I’m very good at organizing people to get jobs done,” the 18-year-old said. “I think it’s just something that I’m good at.”
Keeping on track with her goals, Newbauer has her college plans set up, for the most part. After graduation, the senior plans to work two jobs — at Pizza Hut and Crown — before moving to Columbus where she will live in an apartment and attend Columbus State Community College for two year before transferring to Ohio State University to finish her degree.
“One of the managers at Pizza Hut that used to work there, he told me what he wished he would’ve done for college,” Newbauer said. “He talked about the community college and how much easier it would’ve been there and internships he would’ve done in the summer. It all sounded like it would be best to learn off of somebody who experienced it.
“I thought it would be better to start off at community college because it would be cheaper and they have my degree there anyways. I thought since I want to be an OSU student I could transfer over there and it would be a lot easier to get into.”
She explained that looking to the future is both exciting and nerve wracking because what’s to come is something new. While being able to experience something new is always exciting, she knows it’s not going to be something she’s comfortable with at first, but said, “it’s just going to be a learning experience and that’s just life.”

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