Senior reflects on short time as NB student

Staff Writer

Many students in the New Bremen School District spent most of their childhood in the district, with the same students. They grow up together and make a lasting bond that extends beyond their schools years. For Zach Moyar, he transferred to New Bremen in seventh grade, but said the change has been good, and the people are always nice.
Before New Bremen, Moyar said he was a student in the St. Marys City School District. There he said he struggled to get good grades — averaging D’s and F’s. Making a transition to New Bremen gave him a better outlook on school, improving his grades to roughly a B average.
That grade improvement wasn’t immediate, however. Moyar said he certainly slacked in the beginning which ended up costing him.
“I slacked off big time my freshman year and ended up paying the price for it because I couldn’t go to Tri Star,” the 18-year-old said, advising other students to, “always try your hardest. It means pushing yourself to being the best person that you can be no matter what.”
Another aspect about New Bremen he enjoys are the teachers, specifically Loresa Burden. He said her patience makes her a good teacher.
“She sits down and she will not move until you understand what you’re doing,” Moyar explained. “She helps you every step of the way and it’s just amazing. I’ve had her since I came here.”
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