Soul Tree Holistics Opens

Co-owners Judi Bailey, Lisa Finkenbine , Heather Applegate and Connie Fuller celebrated the grand opening of Soul Tree Holistics on Saturday morning.
Staff Writer

Looking for a peaceful place to get back to a spiritual, physical or mental center? Look no farther than 1920 Celina Road and Soul Tree Holistics.

A former car dealership, some remodeling needed to be done to the building before Soul Tree’s four co-owners could move in. Partnering to create the centralized holistic shop are Heather Applegate, Judi Bailey, Lisa Finkenbine and Connie Fuller. Noting that they would frequently see each other at different events, the ladies got to talking and kicking around the idea of starting a business together.

“I think we started talking about it about a year ago,” Fuller said. “It was like one thing lead to another and in June, we started looking for a place to start our business. We got this place on the first of August and it’s taken a lot of time and energy but we got it where we want it now.”

With four people making up the business, there are a wide variety of services available at Soul Tree. Services range from yoga, massage and reiki to herbology, crystal therapy, personal training and officiating weddings. 

All of the items and activities in Soul Tree are aimed at restoring people’s health — in more ways than one. Explaining that soul health is something that is often forgotten about, Finkenbine said the services offered can help people move past pain and problems they may not realize they are battling. 

She added that her own experience as a cancer survivor gives her a view into the healing powers that can come from focusing on one’s spiritual health in addition to physical health.

To help their customers maintain their whole-body health, Soul Tree offers a wide variety of products that people can take with them and use at home. Some of the products they offer include CBD products, essential oils and herbs as well as handmade jewelry. 

Soul Tree can be found on Facebook, called at 419-773-1455 or guests can stop in during business hours for more information. The business is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, except Tuesdays (10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.). Soul Tree Holistics is closed on Sundays.