St. Marys Middle School Christmas Assembly

On Thursday, St. Marys Middle School held its annual Christmas assembly in the Memorial High School PAC. Excerpts from the following events are shown in this six-minute clip compilation:
• 0:00 - 0:53: Sixth, seventh and eighth-graders competed in a one-minute “stocking stuffer,” a race to cram the most balloons into a pair of panty hose.
• 0:54 - 1:20: SMMS teachers engaged in a “wrap battle,” a true test of composure and coordination where pairs were tied side-by-side and had to work together — each partner using just one of their arms — to wrap a present. Meanwhile, sixth and seventh-graders started an impromptu cheering challenge in the stands.
• 1:21 - 1:33: Sixth-graders sing their verse of “Up on the Housetop” during Thursday’s sing-off. All three classes sang a verse of the classic carol, each trying to sing their verse more enthusiastically than the other two classes; 1:34 - 1:46: Seventh-graders sing their verse of “Up on the Housetop” and 1:47 - 2:02: Eighth-graders sing their verse.
• 2:03 - 3:10: Students and administrators play a tie-breaking game of "snow-blind," where one blindfolded partner aimlessly lobbed plush snowballs while the other tried to catch using a cardboard box. Administrators won the visually-impaired victory, which gave them the right to break the tie and name Thursday’s assembly winner. Drumroll please …
• 3:11 - 5:53: SMMS Principal Mary Miller talks about the true meaning of Christmas and tells students how they can help bring about "peace on earth" in their own little way, every day at SMMS.