SummerFest Liquor Permit May Change

This map, provided by the St. Marys Chamber of Commerce, shows the current (red) and proposed (blue) boundaries of the SummerFest liquor permit.
Staff Writer

SummerFest may be expanding its boundaries this year.
St. Marys Chamber of Commerce Director Abby Balster presented the St. Marys City Council with a proposal during Monday's meeting to enlarge the area in which alcoholic beverages may be consumed during the annual festival.
The last time the ordinance regulating the size of the liquor permit during SummerFest was changed was in 1995.
The proposed boundary would keep South and Chestnut streets as the southern border, but would eliminate the border running through the middle of Memorial Park. The northern boundary is proposed to extend to the canal and run along the St. Marys River to the west.
Balster said the idea to increase the area included in the liquor permit as a response to opinions voiced by the public.
Police Chief Jake Sutton added the number of fights and issues at the festival have reduced in his 19 years with the St. Marys Police Department, but that there is always a potential for a fight with people crammed in together.
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