Super Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

NEW KNOXVILLE — The “water” in New Knoxville Superintendent Kim Waterman’s name doesn’t specify a temperature but Friday afternoon it was definitely icy as the administrator had four buckets of freezing water poured on her by various Rangers.

Waterman was challenged to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in front of the whole student body by teacher Kay Webb. Waterman decided to up the ante by putting four donation buckets out and collecting money from the students and faculty to fight the disease. Each dollar donated earned the giver a chance to be the person pouring the ice water over the superintendent.

The raffle-style contest raised almost $200 school-wide, and Waterman thanked the students for participating.

“Thank you for contributing to the many causes we support at the school — ALS, cancer, hunger and all the things we do for other people. Whatever cause is close to your heart keep working for it,” she said.

She called on her colleagues across the county to also participate in the challenge, if not for ALS than for causes they care about.