Task Force Arrests Pair

Photo provided/Mercer County Sheriff's Office: This photograph shows the LSD confiscated during an arrest on Monday. Photo provided/Mercer County Sheriff's Office: This photograph shows the DAB that was confiscated. Andrew A. LeiningerAshley M. Leininger
Staff Writer

Two people were arrested on Monday following an investigation by the Grand Lake Drug Task Force.
Deputies with the task force developed information of drug activity at an address on Tama Road. Deputies prepared, applied for, and were granted a search warrant for the address of 4729 Tama Road. Upon deputies arrival a male was observed in the back yard of the residence. The male refused orders from deputies and took off running into a bean field, and was observed throwing something further into the bean field that he had removed from his pocket. The male later identified as Andrew A. Leininger, 31, was taken into custody without further incident. Mercer County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Franko was deployed into the bean field to search for the item thrown. The item recovered was a pill bottle containing suspected ecstasy. Also arrested was Leininger’s wife Ashely M. Leininger, 33.
Deputies executed the search warrant and recovered the following items:
• $8,000.00 in cash
• More than 900 “hits” doses of LSD, commonly known as acid. The estimated street value of the LSD is over $9,000.
• Less than an ounce of raw marijuana
• Drug paraphernalia
• DABS (DABS is concentrated cannabis that is made by extracting THC by using a solvent like butane. The result is a sticky type oil also referred to as “Wax, Shatter, Budder, and or butane hash oil”)
Andrew A. Leininger is currently being held for obstruction and resisting arrest, and his bond was set at $100,000. Ashley M. Leininger is currently being held for possession of schedule I or II drugs, and her bond was set at $100,000.
The case will be forwarded to the Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney's Office for review for additional charges.