Tri Star Builds Flags In Class

Wooden flags like these were made by the junior construction students. Traditional flags such as the one on the bottom of this picture were made for each of Tri Star’s classrooms. First responder flags are a new project the students started.
Assistant Editor

Hanging in just about every public building and off of many front porches across the country, American flags can be easily found. In Tri Star 2.0, flags had been lacking but thanks to the junior construction students, each room has its own, unique flags.

Why the construction class? Because the flags are handmade from strips of wood.

As a way to teach the juniors skills they will carry with them throughout their future careers, construction teacher Brett McGillvary came up with the idea to have students make wooden flags.

“Online — YouTube specifically — is where I got the idea,” he said.

Made from 13 strips of wood, each junior student made one flag for each of the other classrooms in the new building. The pieces were charred with torches to give each flag a unique character and color was added to make red stripes and a blue field, filled with white stars.

Taking pride in their work, the teacher said his students would go around to each classroom to show their friends what they made. That pride and excitement continued even after the first batch of flags were made, students kept making flags as gifts for themselves and for family members.

Looking to bring more attention to the project and to raise some funds, three flags will be either raffled or auctioned off at the upcoming Tri Star open house on Monday. One of the flags will be a traditional American flag while the other two are representative of first responders.

“We’re going to take the money raised from the sale of these flags will go to a local first responder group; probably one of the smaller fire departments or something that needs a little bit of help,” McGillvary said.

What started as a way for the students to learn some new skills and help make flags needed for the school has grown to a way for the students to give back to their community. 

Those interested in seeing or purchasing one of the flags can attend Tri Star’s open house from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Monday or contact Tri Star at 419-586-7060.