Update on Human Bones Found in Celina

Staff Writer

Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey releases that their office is still actively investigating the human remains case and has received the results from IsoForensics for the follow-up testing done on the human remains.
This testing measured the strontium stable isotope ratios of bone and is in correlation with the previous oxygen isotope testing done by IsoForensics. The interpretation of the isotope testing is that the overlapping of the oxygen and strontium isotopes analysis may help narrow down the prediction area of where our victim spent the last 10 years of his life.
The origin predictions provided by IsoForensics using oxygen isotopes and strontium isotopes are based off testing with tap water in the USA. So the analysis is based off of tap water consumption over a period of time. According to our contact at IsoForensics, roughly 10 percent of the human skeleton remodels per year so they estimate the bone isotope “signal” represents an average of approximately 10 years before death. See the attached map for the updated prediction areas.
“Although this case will be nearly impossible to solve if we cannot identify the victim, we will continue to actively investigate it because there is a family out there who deserves closure and answers,” Grey said.
Anyone who thinks they may have information on this case can send us an anonymous email through our website at MercerCountySheriff.org, can leave a message on our tip line 567-890-TIPS (8477) or call the detectives at 419-586-1450.